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Christmas Tree 2008

Here is our tree this year, sorry the picture is blurry, I did’t realize that until I uploaded the picture.  I also thought about moving the gate but then decided that I would leave it since this is what our tree looks like this year.


Also, sitting on top of the tree is now I am continuing what my mother always did.  You see. Santa can’t be everywhere to make sure you are being nice so he sends out his little elves to watch us.  Every year we had an elf sitting at the top of our tree, watching us.  Well, I now have an elf sitting at the top of my tree and I truly look forward to being about to “threaten” Zach with him.  This year he doesn’t understand, maybe next year, but I wanted the elf there from the beginning so he will never remember  a Christmas without him.



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Crafty Tuesday ~ Scarfs

I am knitting like a mad hatter trying to finish up 2 scarfs that have to be given on Friday.  One if for my boss, I made her one last year that she loved, but lost so this is her replacement.  The other one if for Zach’s daycare lady, Sara.  I’m not sure the rules on what you do for your daycare so I asked another mom and she said she does a little something that equals about $20.  That sounds reasonable to me (considering I’m paying her for 2 weeks that Zach won’t even be there!!!  sorry, that urks me but I guess that’s the price you pay for having a daycare that’s really good)  Anyway, the darker one is done and that’s for my boss and the other one will be done and it’s for Sara.


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6 Month Ago Today . .

. . . at right about this exact same minute my life completely changed in a matter of about 9 seconds (not 9 months).  I was blessed to be given the most wonderful little 5 month old baby boy.  Who would have thought that a little guy that weighed less than 20 pounds could make my life so complete.  We have been perfect for each other because we both needed what the other could give.  I needed to be a mommy and he was blessed enough to have a mother that loved him enough to give him to me.  Although the adoption is not complete yet, I can’t imagine my life without him and am feeling truly blessed during this Christmas season.

In the past 6 months I’ve watched Zach change from a little guy who could not sit-up or hold a bottle to a little terror (said very lovingly) that I can’t keep out of anything.  He is a mastermind, very curious and quickly figures out how to do almost anything he wants.  He definitely keeps me on my toes and when he finally goes to sleep at 8:00 I about fall into the recliner because he’s worn this old lady out!

This weekend his 2nd top tooth popped so I’ve been singing “All I Want for Christmas” to him all weekend.  He’s such a good sport and doesn’t start crying when I sing.  I’m sure soon he’ll be talking and I’ll be hearing “mommy, don’t sing!” but in the meantime he suffers with me.  He humors me so, for now.  It will all change, but for now I sure am enjoying my little “turd”.  I mean, how can you not love this innocent little boy


In 15 days he’ll be a whole year old.  Wow, the past 6 months sure have flown in the most magnificant way.

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BSM ~ Sledding

Does he remind you of the kid on A Christmas Story?


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Best Shot Monday ~ Pretty Ornament



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I Think I’m Getting A Plan

In my mind I think I’m coming up with a plan to get more organized and just knowing that I have a plan makes me feel better.  Sorry for the “freak out” posts I’ve had lately.  If we had one more bedroom that sure would make life eaier 🙂

This weekend we only have plans to go to some friends house Saturday night.  We’re not supposed to get there until 6:30 and we’ll have to leave by about 8:30 because we do not have a sitter.   That’s ok, Zach is welcome to come hang out and she said “help the kids decorate” . . . ok . . . that won’t happen but at least she’s open minded.  I am seriously looking forward to a not much planned weekend.

Yesterday I took Zach to a follow-up appointment for his ear infection and he still has fluid on his ears.  He has to go back in 2 weeks but they didn’t give him any meds to try and clear it up.  I understand that they can’t keep him on antibiotics or he could build up resistance.  They did give him some Allegra to help clear up his cough.  His top two teeth are so close to popping out, that could be causing ear issues also.

That’s it for the excitement around my end.  Have a nice weekend.

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Something’s Gotta Give

It’s finally really sinking in that I can’t do everything anymore.  I can’t keep my house clean, recycling is probably going to have to go on hold for awhile . . . I don’t even know what all but there is only one of me and not enough time.  I get up for work at 6:00 and leave by 7:15 (at least try to) so I can drop Zach off at daycare and get to the office by 8:00.  Then I generally work right thru lunch and get out of here at 5:00.  By the time I pick up Zach and get home it’s going on 6:00.  Then I have to throw together something for us/him to eat, give him a bath, play and he’s asleep by 8:00 every night.  Ok, now it’s 8:00 and I’m picking up toys, maybe run the broom through-out the house, load the dishwasher and am ready to relax a little before I go to bed at 10:00, pray that Zach sleeps all night and start all over again.

As you see, I don’t have time to keep my house clean, the recycling is stacked to the roof because I can’t take it in on Thurdays after work anymore.  Groceries . . . yah, really need to buy some of those.  I am learning to let go, it’s killing me but I’m letting go, a little.  I refuse to live in scum but I don’t dust every week anymore, matter of fact, it was 6 weeks last time.  The dishwasher is usually loaded every night but the bathroom needs to be cleaned a little more often than it is.  The laundry . . . Steve will help with the laundry but I don’t like how he does it, that’s something I need to let go of and just be thankful he does it.

My house is very tiny and I need to find ways to get organized.  Everything piled on the dining room table is not my idea of organized and that has got to get a new plan.  In 2 weeks I have 2 weeks off and we will find a new plan and try to get organized.  I know it’s a dream but I’m thinking that if everything had a place that it went back to every time someone was done with it that maybe we/I could regain a little bit of sanity again.

tips and tricks are welcome

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