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Very Important Question!

I have a very important question to ask!

What do I wear to Chicago on Saturday????  We are going to be walking all day so I’m wearing tennis shoes and probably jeans.  We will be in and out of stores all day, the high temp is 33 for the day but I don’t think the wind is supposed to be bad.  However, this is the windy city.  Decisions . . . Decisions.  Can I get away with a hoodie and a coat?


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Christmas Tree 2007

Every year there is a “contest” in my family over who has the prettiest tree between me, my mom and my granny.  Of course I win every year because I have a real tree and they cheat.  This year I opted to not use garland and I LOVE the tree this way.  There are 500 lights on this 8 foot tree and I sit there and stare at it like a baby does at the lights in the stores.

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I don’t really log onto the internet from home because we hook-up at 24.0K and it’s quite painful.  So, over my 4 day weekend I didn’t get online once.  That’s a lie, I did help Dominic and Bryan set up their backgrounds for myspace but besides that I didn’t come here once.

We had a very nice weekend.  Thursday was a great Thanksgiving.  Some years the holidays seem . . insane, but this year it was pretty tame.  Of course I ate until I was splitting at the seams but then I managed to cram some more food in my face. Hey, I only get stuffing and cranberry sauce once a year I have to eat a ton of it.  Here’s a couple of very content girls after their big turkey meal.

This year I came home on Thursday instead of staying the night to do Black Friday with mom and Jamie and that was weird.  This year I just didn’t have any big ticket items I was going for and we’re really cutting back on our spending so I came home.  However, I did get up and go to the stores on Friday up here.  I wasn’t in the stores at 5:00 like my family was but I was in the stores at 7:00.  My first stop was Menards and that place was crazy.  There were people parked on the grass because there were no parking spots left.  They really have their act together there and had balloons tied to all the 5 hour specials so they were easy to find.  I was in and out of there in 1/2 an hour!  Then I headed to Meijer and they were dead.  I guess they were insane from 3:00 – 5:00 and then it died.  I seriously considered doing my grocery shopping right then because it was so dead in the store.  I had all of my shopping done by 8:30 and was on my way home.  That was weird.  Once I got home Steve decided that he wanted to check out Black Friday so we headed to Grand Rapids.  We pulled in the parking lot at Target and he turned around!  He chickened out before we even entered the store!  I know this was his ploy to get me to go ice skating.  You see, if he had said “let’s go to GR ice skating” I would have said “let’s save the gas money and not go” but this way he said “let’s go shopping” so I went.  He doesn’t realize that I know how his mind works.

Saturday we put up the tree.  This year we went to a small farm that was selling trees that were already cut instead of going to this place that we cut it ourselves.  The other place is a big company and I like the idea of supporting a small family and you could tell that they were cut fresh.  Plus!  We only paid $8 for our tree and at the other place we have paid as much as $75 for one.  Ok, the tree wasn’t bailed for us and we didn’t get a “free” calendar but I sure like $8 for a perfect tree.

Sunday I wasn’t feeling the best so we just laid around the house and looked at the beautiful Christmas tree. We were both fighting the crud but I think we are both pretty much over it now.  It was more of an annoyance than anything, but that’s ok, I’d rather be annoyed than be full-blown sick!

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Thankful Reasons #2 and #1

Right now I’m thankful for silence.  My office is a little gathering place for students and faculty.  Sometimes there will be a room full of people just hanging out.  Like I’ve said, I love my job and I love the people I work with but sometimes I don’t want them in my office.  I’ve gotten more done in the past 5 hours today than I have in the two previous days.  The main reason is that no one is here that feels they need to talk to me.  This is the Biology department so if someone is waiting for some culture to do something they will go get a coffee and come sit in my office while they wait.  I have to talk to them.  I’m too nice to tell them to get out so we talk and my work does not get done.  I’m lucky in the fact that I don’t need the full 9.5 hours a day I’m here  to get done, but sometimes I want some alone time.  Maybe I want to write in my Blog or my TTC journal or myspace or facebook.  Maybe I want to turn my radio up to more than a whisper.  So, today, the day before Thanksgiving, a day when there aren’t very many classes going on, I am thankful for the silence in my office.

My #1 most thankful thing is always my family.  I have two of the most awesome parents that anyone could ever ask for.  They have always and will always be there for me.  My mom is my best friend and I really am a daddy’s girl (although my nephew, Dominic seems to be filling my shoes for some things).  I still have one grandparent living, my mom’s mom and it kills me knowing that she is getting older and that the years I’ve had with her far outnumber the amount of years I have left with her.  I am the oldest and have 2 younger sisters that I am very grateful for.  We don’t talk every day or anything like that but I do love them so much more than they will know.  They have blessed me me 6 nieces and nephews and there is one more nephew on the way.  They are the light of my life.  I want to be the “cool” aunt and I really try to be.  I want to be their aunt but I also want to be their friend.  When they graduate from college and they only get 8 tickets to graduation I want them to say “Aunt Vic has to get one of these tickets” and not because I’ll be a bitch if I don’t get to go but because I want them to want me to be there.  The realization that I will never be a mother has become a reality to me and love those 6 little ones as much as I would my own.  I can’t imagine loving anyone more than them. . . expect Steve, but that on a different level.  I’m thankful to have him even if he does drive me insane.  That’s ok, because I know that I drive him insane so we’re even.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Thankful Reasons #4 and #3

I guess I’m catching up again . . . darn job.

Which brings me to thankful reasons #4, my job.   I really do have a great job and I’m really thankful I have it.  Not only does it provide us with a paycheck but it provides me with health benefits.  The people I work with are fantastic (for the most part).  I feel more like they are my friends and not my co-workers.  Working at a university I am surrounded by students all the time so they keep me “hip” to the latest and greatest thing.  They keep me young 🙂

Reason #3, my friends.  I’ve never been someone that has had a lot of friends, I have very few but they are great friends.  Yesterday I had lunch with my very best friend from high school, Carrie.   I’ve know her longer than I’ve know anyone that I’m not related to.  We only see each other a couple of times a year but it’s never like a day has passed.  Some of my very best friends are people I met on line.  I have met them once but we have been great friends for 6 years.  They know everything about me and I do about them.  It’s a crazy new world that the internet has introduced for me, virtual friends, but they are lifeline.

Tomorrow will be my last two because I am not thankful for my internet at home (24.0K) and I’ll be on the road Thursday.

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Thankful Reasons #6 and #5

I’m a day behind . . . sorry

Thankful day#6, the reason I’m late, I’m thankful for shopping with “the girls”.   Every year for about the past 5 years, right around this time, I go shopping with my mom, granny, Aunt Jean and both my sisters.  We go to Frankenmuth, Bronners and sometimes Birch Run.  We none ever spend a lot of money but it’s just a fun tradition that we’ve started.  Family is something that’s very important to me and these little moments are something I cherish


Thankful reason #5.  I had a harder time for today because I’m not fealing very thankful at the moment and I have to remind myself that I really do have a lot to be thankful for.  So, right now I’m thankful for ice cream because ice cream cures PMS.  As most of you know, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over 6 years now so when PMS hits I take it especially personally.  Today was that day so I just treated myself to an almost too big of a bowl of carmel nut cluster ice cream with hot fudge on top.  See, chocolate does cure everything.

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Thankful Reason #7

That I learned how knit.  I’m not a great knitter and I haven’t learned how to do anything “fancy” but I can do your basic “knit” and “purl” but it’s something I really enjoy doing.  I also like giving gifts that I have made, it’s more special that way.  The last baby blanket I made took me about 3 months to make.  Maybe I’m a slow knitter or maybe I just don’t do that much at a time but I like to do it.  I’m someone that has to be doing something, always.  It I didn’t have knitting to do I wouldn’t be able to sit down and relax at night.  So, today I’m very thankful for the 1/2 hour knitting lesson I got a couple of years ago because that little lesson has give me hours of enjoyment.

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