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Doing The Wave

Zach waved bye to me this morning.  He normally just holds out his hand like he’s saying “talk to the hand” but today he actually moved his fingers up and down.  Daycare has sliding glass doors and I was on the other side when he did it and I could even hear Sara say “awww”.  I just wanted to run back in gather him up and kiss him all over!  I’m so happy to have 4 solid days with him this weekend!



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Crafty Tuesday ~ The Stocking

Zach’s stocking is —-> <—- this close to being finished, I just have to figure out how to make a hanger for it but I have a couple of ideas.

The stocking has flaws but overall I’ve very proud of how it turned out and someday he’ll appreciate it, right now it’s just something for me to brag about!

For those of you that knit, you will appreciate this.  It took me 50 minutes to weave in all the ends when I was done.

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Sporty Zach

Well, we sure were hoping our Wolverines would pull off the upset on Saturday but that didn’t happen

Go Bluel

Go Bluel

However, our Redwings are doing great!

Go Wings!

Go Wings!

Finally, I just love this lip



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My Apologies To Ponderosa

Ok, let me start from the beginning.

Yesterday around 3:00 we were on our way back from Grand Rapids yesterday when I suddenly developed a really bad headache.  It was so bad that it made me nauseous but I didn’t get sick.  We decided that maybe we should stop and get something to eat because had none really eaten and maybe that would make me feel better.  Steve wanted Ponderosa (never my first choice) and it’s easy to feed Zach off the buffet there so I said fine.  We walked in the door and it was 100 degrees in there but I opted to stay because I really did think that if I ate food would make me feel better.  Food cures 99% of all my problems.  Well, we weren’t seated 5 minutes and I had to go sit in the car and get some air.  After sitting outside for a few minutes I felt well enough to go back in and I was able to help feed Zach and I ate a roll.  I only made it about 10 minutes and I had to go back outside to the car.

We managed to get a really good parking spot, right up front, right by the door.  As I was sitting in the car trying to get some air I got sick!  I leaned out the car door and lost everything I had eaten that day.  That’s where I must apologize to Ponderosa.  I got sick, in their parking lot, right by their front door and I never even ate their food.

Today I feel like I’ve been run over by a really big train.  However, my boss is gone today so here I am, at the office, trying not to crawl under my desk and die!

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What’s it been, 10 days?


My excuse.  Work.  We’ve been knee deep in registration and now it’s slowed down enough that I was able to get everything else off my desk and now I don’t feel guilty about playing on-line.  I know what you are thinking, just log in from home. . . no.  I can explain why in 2 words.  24K hook-up.  (Obama promised high-speed Internet to those of us in the sticks and I pray he does).

So, here’s the last 1.5 weeks in a flash.

Zach and I went shopping in Grand Rapids where I bought the yarn to make his stocking and to knit a scarf for my boss.  I made her one last year that she loved but lost so, in all my spare time, I’m going to make a new one for her.  While we were in GR we also went to Target (Care, it had been over a year since I’d been in a Target) where I found some books that he loves.  They are the cardboard books but the pages have “wiggly eyes” and he loves them.  After that we went to this place that I had heard of and wanted to find called Once Upon A Child. It’s a second-hand store but they only sell stuff for kids and only sell really nice, name-brand stuff.  Of course it’s not as cheap as Goodwill but the clothes are like brand new and quite a lot cheaper than new prices.  I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time in there, plus, Zach does not need clothes right now, but I would love to get back there and dig in the racks!  I did get him a jumper, a Michigan sweatshirt, a Redwings sweatshirt and a toy and spent $13, not bad!

Let’s see. . . Zach had his first ear infection last week.  We actually didn’t even take him in for his ear, we took him in because he was so congested that I was afraid he was getting RSV or something.  Turns out his lungs were fine, it was all in his nose but one ear was infected.  Glad we took him!

Friday was my annual trip to Frankenmuth.  This year it was me, my mom, granny, Aunt Jean and sister Jamie.  This is a No Boys Allowed day.  We just go to Bronners and get chicken at Zehnders and hang out for a few hours.  We none ever go crazy with the shopping, it’s more of a girls day and just a good time.  I really enjoyed myself this year just hanging with the girls with no pressure or time constraints.  Super Nice.

Zach is actually crawling now and not just comando crawling.  He’s also getting braver while he’s standing.  He now lets go with one hand, or both if he can lean on something.  It’s just a matter of time before he takes off on his own now, isn’t it?

Steve and I are well on our way to officially becoming foster parents.  Do we plan to be a foster home?  No.  However, we have now completed 12 of the 27 hours of training that are required.  We only have to complete 3 more hours in order to adopt Zach, however, we are leaning towards doing all 27.  Something in our gut says we should just finish so we might.  The classes really are educational and we’re getting alot from them so we may as well?  The worst part is that it’s one night a week so that’s one night I don’t see Zach.  I’ll keep you posted.

On another note:  Old Man Winter has arrived.  It was 16 degrees yesterday morning and it is 29 as I type this.  Guess I should remember Zach’s snow pants and take them to daycare.

OH!  One last thing.  We got a super nice gift in the mail on Monday.  A senator in Lansing made a huge donation to the Ingham County Foster system.  I don’t have the letter in front of me and I don’t remember all the details but with this donation they were able to send $200 in Meijer gift cards to non-funded foster homes.  Well, that’s us!  The letter said the money was to be used for clothes for the children but I’m sure if a box of diapers was purchased that would be fine also.  None-the-less, it was extremely generous and we are extremely grateful!

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Mom Of The Year

I think I deserve the “Mom Of The Year” award for last night’s supper:

Hot Dog w/ Mozzeralla Cheese melted on it

Colby Jack Cheese on the side

A Rice Cake


Besides the juice Zach got no fruit or veggies yesterday.  Oy!  I was feeling pretty guilty but I guess it could have been worse.

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Crafty Tuesday ~ Cupcake Hats

I forgot I had a craft for today!  I just knitted these cupcake hats for my nieces, Kirsten and Corinne.  I haven’t given them to them yet but they don’t read my blog so I’m safe to post this.

My next project . . . Zach’s Christmas Stocking.  I have the pattern, just need to buy the yarn.

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