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It’s Halloween, It’s Halloween . . .

. . . the moon is full and bright and we shall see what can’t be seen on any other night.

That’s all I remember from the poem in learned in grade school 🙂

I love Halloween but how can one not love a holiday that people give you candy.   So far I’ve gotten a Reese’s Cup and a donut.  Not bad for just sitting at my desk wearing Shrek ears!

One of bummers of where I live is that I don’t get trick-or-treaters.  We live on a dead-end, dirt road that has about 8 houses, all but 3 are vacation homes.  I don’t even think there are any kids that live on my road.  Before we moved here I would get about 30 kids come to my house and I absolutely loved it.  Little kids are so cute in their costumes, I could gobble them up.  Some are shy and some are very bold, it’s just amazing to me to see the different personalties.  It’s also interesting to see what the costume of the year is.  I have a feeling there will be a million “princesses” this year, I’m not quite sure what the little boys will be.

What are your kids wearing?

Happy Halloween, I hope you get more treats than tricks.


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Leave, Leafs

This weekend was nice.  Saturday we went to Grand Rapids for most of the day and there was a purpose to the trip, however, I can’t quite remember what it was right now 🙂  I did need to pick up some stuff for the baby shower we are having for Mary this weekend.  We also had to pick up so parts for my car . . . come to think of it, we really didn’t do any fun shopping but it was nice just to hang out together for the day.  After we got home we decided that we should go to the hockey game.  It was a great game, FSU beat Notre Dame 3 – 0 and all of their goals came short-handed.  It was awesome!

Sunday we worked around the house.  After working about 3 hours in the yard trying to get rid of leaves I’ve given up.  I barely made a dent and I hauled off a huge pile.  I would rake the leaves onto a tarp and then pull the tarp into the woods to dump them.  After about 12 huge tarps full I looked up, we still have at least half the leaves still hanging on in the trees.  This is a battle that can not be won until Spring so I’m giving up for now.  We’ve actually worked the last 3 weekends at it, not really hard, but some.  At this point I’m just going to make sure that enough are picked up where we remove snow so they don’t bind up the snow blower.  There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow nigh.

Now I’m dealing with registration for Spring semester . . . oy!   No rest for the wicked.

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Welcome, Kendall Jacob!

Kendall entered the world yesterday afternoon. He weighs 6 lbs 12 ozs and is 20 inches long. I think he looks perfect. Congratulations David and Stacie!

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Dad!  Mine.  I love you dad.

The day before yesterday was my sister, Mary’s birthday, happy belated birthday. . . I really have to do better about honoring birthdays on here, I think I missed mom and Jamie entirely . . . sorry.

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Stacie Is In Labor!

My friend, Stacie, is in labor!!! It’s a couple of weeks (maybe only 1) early but she knew it was going to happen this week, she kept saying it. I figured it was just hopeful wishing but her water broke this morning at work and she’s now dilated to 3 cm. I guess that little guy is going to come today?

Stacie, I hope you packed your bag last night (it wasn’t packed as of yesterday) and that you finished your homework. This explains the serious nesting you have been doing! Did you pack the blanket?

Good luck, Stace, I love you and things will go just fine. Don’t be too mean to them until they give you the drugs 🙂

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Thursday’s Theme ~ Glow

I’m a dork, I admit it and here’s proof.  One of my odd interests is what a dashboard looks like after dark.  I don’t know why, but it’s something I look forward to when I get a new/different car, I anxiously await until I drive the car at night and then I can see the dashboard “glow”.  Weird-o, I know.  This is the dashboard to my little Breeze, taken while driving to work a couple of mornings ago.  Yes, the car has almost 196,000 miles on it now, I’ve looked at that dashboard A LOT but I still love that little car.

Pay no attention to the “check engine” light, it’s been on for years, it needs a new gas cap and I’m not worried about replacing it.

Go here for more pictures that glow.

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Today Will Be A Better Day

Ever have one of the those days?  That was my yesterday.  Every.single.thing I tried to do, stuff I do everyday with no issues, fought me yesterday.  Simple projects that take 15 minutes took me two hours.  I earned every penny I made yesterday and I don’t say that too often.  Not that I make a lot of money, I simply have a system that makes it so, on most days, my job isn’t too hard.  Not yesterday.

It didn’t even stop when I left the office.  I got to my car and the sun was shining, nice!  I reached for my sunglasses and they were gone.  They are are still missing and I have no flipping clue where they could be.  This is why I buy super cheap sunglasses, they disappear or break or something.  Well, I have this allergy thing going that is making my eyes water so the sun on my already watery eyes wasn’t pleasant.  Then I stopped at the store (dog food) and I had this coupon for $5 off a Tylenol product.  I picked up a thing of Tylenol Allergy medicine and thought I’d nip this watering eye in the bud.  The cashier wouldn’t take my flipping coupon because it was printed off the internet.  I refused to buy the Tylenol after that.

Then I had an uneventful drive home, but I was just waiting for something to happen.  I only boiled dinner over once so the evening got better once I got home.  Let’s hope today goes smoother, I hate work interfering with my internet time.

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