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Finally, I think I Know

As stated in my previous post, this week has been insane. A week ago today Zach became a big brother to a sister that came 6 weeks early. Little Sarah only weighs 4 pounds 5 ounces and is still in the hospital battling to gain weight and maintain her body temperature but is proving to be tough and should be released in a few days.

Well, this week has been stressful for me because I wasn’t sure who was taking her home. One day I get a call saying it was me the next day I’d get the call saying it wouldn’t be me it would be someone else. Well, I just got the call saying it would be me and I think they are sure this time so I think I’m safe posting this.

This time the story is different than it was with Zach. This time the parents aren’t signing off their rights and I think they are going to try and get her back. Only time will tell with that, but for now, I will be parent to two babies, not quite 13 months apart. My hands will be full. Very full. I probably can’t even imagine how full.

So, say a prayer that Little Sarah starts doing well and will be able to come home from the hospital in a few days. She sure is precious.




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Another Insane Week

This has been another insane week and I really can’t get into any detail until I know what the outcome is going to be and hopefully I’ll know today. Sitting in limbo is really hard, I like to know if I need a plan or not. Wasted time, that’s what limbo is. So, I’m working my tail off to get the stuff done I need to get done anyway. *sigh* This really would be much easier if I was organized right now 🙂

In the meantime, Steve leaves me tonight to go on a road trip to one of the professors to pick up a bunch of stuff in Iowa. They are leaving tonight and should be back around midnight tomorrow night if the weather treats them right. Zach and I will be on our own but I’m not at all worried about that. Actually, I’ll probably get more done with Steve gone. He talks me into sitting and relaxing so when he’s not there I can be busy like I like to be.

This little guy keeps me on my toes so I’m sure I’ll be busy

Noodle Head

Noodle Head

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Move It, Move It

I guess I need to turn on all the lights in the house so you can see his face but you get the idea and he sure is having fun!

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Sharing

Zach loves to share, we’ve taught him well.  He used to share his bottle with me, now he does his sippy cup.  He also likes to share his food but I tell him “no, you eat it” as he’s shoving it in my mouth.  However, Rusty does not object and will happily take whatever Zach gives him.  Oh, I’m so glad I take the time to make sure his food is somewhat healthy so he can give it to the dog!

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Finally A Minute

Finally, I have a minute to breathe and get caught up here.  Since we came back from break it has been insanely busy around here, the office.  To top it off, I have this huge project that is always due right after break that I normally get done before we even leave that I didn’t get started until 4 days after we got back.  NOT MY FAULT, the information has to be given to me and then I do all the data entry.  This project always takes me around 12 hours to do, uninterrupted, and so I just finished it yesterday.  It had to be done by 5:00 yesterday and I was doing my final proofing at 2:30, nothing like cutting it close.  So, now that is off my desk and I can get caught up on everything else, including my blog and The Bachelor (I’m shamefully addicted).

I’ve tried to think of things to report on that are about me and not Zach because I like to think that I have a life that isn’t totally him but I don’t really.  I am trying to finish a baby blanket that I stated pre-Zach that was supposed to go to my cousin, Crystal, for her baby shower.  Her baby is a few months old now but there are always new babies coming so I figure I may as well finish it.  I must admit, I love the pattern and the colors but I’m really sick of knitting on it and am not working hard to finish it just to get it done!  Besides, I’ve found another pattern that I’m itching to start that I’m sure I will be equally sick of at this stage of the game but I’m ready for something new!

This weekend I did about zero housework and I think that can be marked on the calendar.  Not even a load of laundry was folded by me.  However, my house completely refects that now and I’m regretting that decision.   Saturday I simply did not feel like doing anything.  That is not a rare thing but normally I can overcome that urge and get quite a lot done.  Not Saturday.   I just sat around and played with Zach pretty much the whole day.  I did have to run to the bank so while I was out I even stopped at McD’s and brought home lunch so I wouldn’t even have to make a grilled cheese sandwhich or whatever.  It was bad.  Sunday I had some ambition but then Steve suggested we go to Grand Rapids shopping . . . housework or shopping . . . you guess which won!  I hit the clearance racks at Old Navy and bought Zach 3 shirts for next winter (2T!) and I bought myself one shirt at JCP for work.  That’s about all I bought but it was nice to get out for a while.

Yesterday Zach has his 1 Year well-baby appointment.  (couldn’t do a whole post and not talk about him)  He is 31″ long (79% for his age) and almost 22 lbs (27% for his age).  He’s tall and skinny???  Never would have guessed that.  He has 6 teeth now!  He’s not walking but he’s showing all the signs that it will be happening fast.  Steve is rigging up gates at the stairway because he really like the stairs now that he knows how to climb them.  Boy, does that boy like to climb, we are in serious trouble, I sense it already.  He also had to get 3 shots at the doctor’s office and go to the hospital to have blood drawn.  When he went for his WIC appointment right before his birthday they tested him and his iron was low.  Our doctor wanted to do it again, see if it really is and if it is to see if they can figure out why.  He didn’t seem concerned so I’m not going to be either.  Zach has to go back in two weeks to see if the fluid on his ears has drained, no infection this time, and we should find out about his blood-work at the same time.

No pictures today, but I have one for tomorrow and I do plan to be back toomorrow.

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Holiday and Birthday Overview

Wow, I’m so far behind.  It’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve been here but we all know I blame my dial-up internet and that I was home for 2 weeks.  2 weeks, actually 16 days to be exact!  16 days with my little man and I loved every minute of it.  Before break I thought for sure I’d be needing a break, nope, totally enjoyed every minute.  By the time I had to come back to work I was finally figuring out how to do things with a 21 pound little boy strapped to my leg.

So, here’s my recap.

On Saturday we were at the ER because Zach came down with pink eye and we found out that he still has his ear infection so they changed his antibiotics.

On Sunday we picked up my nephew, Dominic to spend a few days with us.  On the first day we took him ice skating

and we took Zach for a few laps which totally freaked me out.  Well, when we first got there we saw a little boy split his head open and that sent my freak out level through the roof.  But, we took him for a few laps and I guess I’ll have to get over it if Zach is going to play hockey like Steve hopes.

Monday we took Dominic to the mall.

Tuesday was screwed up.  First of all we had to take Zach to the pediatrician to follow up on his ears and eyes.  Also, because we got a call from our social worker who remembered she hadn’t come for her monthly visit and wanted to be there at 1:30.  Well, over the past almost 7 months I’ve learned that they are never on time and she didn’t get there until almost 3:00.  The day was screwed up and I felt bad that I couldn’t do something fun with Dominic but he understood.

Christmas Eve we went back home for the celebration with Steve’s family.  Zach made out like a bandit, so much so that we couldn’t get everything in the car.

Christmas day we celebrated with my family.  It’s amazing how much more I enjoyed Christmas this year.   Finally, I get to BE Santa.  Not that we really bought Zach much but just enjoying the holiday with him made it so much more special.

This picture was taken at my office party but it’s perfect to me


After Christmas we just hung out for a few days.  I guess I forgot to feed Zach because he was looking for his own food

On Sunday we ventured out on probably the worst roads I’ve even driven on to visit my best friend from high school, Carrie, and her wonderful family.


Tuesday was Zach’s birthday!  My big 1 year old and this was the best I could get out of him for a pose.

We took down the tree on his birthday but not much else.  His birthday party wouldn’t happen until Saturday.  Since he was a big boy now, he got to help daddy fix my rocker which has been worn out by almost 7 months of tons of rocking.

The big party was Saturday.  Many of his cousins were there and they all seemed to have fun.

The evil people at the bakery put blue frosting on the cake

That took a couple of days to wash off but he didn’t care.

The next day we had to take him to the ER again because his pink eye came back and we found out that he still has his ear infection.  We are now on our 3rd antibiotic trying to fight it so please hope that 3rd times a charm.

Now we’re back to “normal” and hopefully work will slow down so I can catch up more.

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