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It’s been a rough week.  Two definite signs:  Yesterday, as I walked out the door, I started singing the song “If I Had $1,000,000”.  That’s the only line in the song I know but I was singing it.  The second sign was this morning, when my alarm went off, the song “Manic Monday” popped into my head (can you tell I relate a lot of things to music).  Well, thank God it’s not Monday, we’ve made it until Wednesday, but it has felt like Friday all week.

Work is just nuts this time of year.  I have a spell for about a month, the month before now, where things slow down and then suddenly everyone wants everything NOW.  It’s nothing I can do in advance, it all has to be done NOW.  Seats in classes are really about gone and the Freshmen haven’t even started registering . . . what do you tell them?  I’m the front line, I’m the one that has to say “I have nothing for you.”  It sucks.

Next week The Miracle Worker opens.  It would be a good show if the cast would memorize their lines.  I wanted to take them “off line”, meaning, we don’t feed them their lines anymore, starting tomorrow.  I talked about it with the director, I thought we agreed to this and then when we got to rehearsal he said “on Monday we stop giving you your lines.”  Monday?  The show opens Thursday!  We have to take away that security blanket before then, I wanted it gone by NOW, I was being too nice saying Thursday.  Whatever, I’m not the director.   Tonight and Friday there is no rehearsal . . . Oy!  I’m so not used to things going like this.  Community Theatre vs. the University’s Theatre are totally different on so many levels . . . I’m glad to back in “good” with the community theatre but I think, for the most part, everything I do from now on will be with the university.

Ok, so this isn’t a completely negative post.  I’m wearing the really pretty red shirt my granny got me for my birthday.  I look pretty in it 🙂   The weather has been unbelievable!  We have been in the mid 70’s, we’ve opened the windows in the house, the birds are singing and the cats are going outside!  The cats are going outside so that means less times I have to clean the liter pan!  Spring is here and no matter what, that nice warm weather and the sun on your face always makes the stress a little less stressful.

What the heck, I’ll throw in a picture I like.  This is my granny and I a couple of years ago, celebrating our birthday together:


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What A Nice Day

Today was a very nice day.  Well, it started off by raining and housework so that part wasn’t so great.  Then my parents, grandma and nephew, Dominic, came to visit me.  For once someone got to see my Easter stuff besides me!  They came up because I can’t go home until after Easter and they wanted to bring me a cake for my birthday (and a couple presents).  They also brought up some stuff for us to list on Ebay for them but that was a minor detail.  Anyway, they got here about noon, just as the rain was stopping and the sun started shining.  We had such a nice visit with them and the 3 hours they were here flew by for me.  I couldn’t believe it when mom said “we should get going”  Wow, it was 3:00 already. 

When they left it was in the mid-60’s out (trying really had not to get used to that) so I headed outside.  I got my flower beds raked out and my Christmas lights down.  I didn’t quite have enough ambition to rake the whole yard but we’ll have to start doing that in a couple of weeks.  I wanted to rake the flower beds now because last year I waited until May and the gnats were so thick you couldn’t breathe.   Really, it was that nasty.  I hope uncovering them this early they will be fine but I have to believe we won’t get that many more major snow storms for the year.

Anyway, I had a very nice day today.  Thanks for coming to visit me family, you are welcome any time!

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Right now is the time of year that I don’t like my job.  We are registering students for Summer and Fall semester.  The first couple of days go alright because everything is open.  Starting about day 3 it’s a whole ‘nuther story and I have to start saying “sorry”.  I feel for the students because I know that they want to graduate, can’t blame them at all, but I can’t magically make classes or teachers to teach them or rooms to put them in.  This is the time of year I make students cry or they get very angry at me and there is nothing I can do.  Some have put their names down on waiting lists that I know are pointless but it makes them feel better.

This is the time of year that I wish the “big-wigs” that make a zillion dollars a year could do my job.  The “big-wigs” that praise that enrollment numbers are up.  Why encourage higher enrollment if we can’t put them into the classes they need to graduate?  Since I work in the science area we see virtually every student on this campus because everyone, no matter what, has to take a science class.  That means that all 12,000+ students have to come into my building at one point or another.  The “big-wigs” aren’t sitting here telling the students “no” and seeing what really happens.  All they see are $ signs.

One of my “weaknesses” is  that I realize that I have my job because we have students.  Part of my job is to keep them happy because if our numbers drop too much they won’t need me and then I won’t have a job.  I need my job so therefore I need the students.  I like to help them and to know that somehow, in the whole grand scheme of things, I am making a difference in their life.

So, for the next couple of weeks I am in registration hell.  After that it will calm down until the beginning of the next semester.  At that point I get the snotty senior that calls and says “but I’m a senior, you have no choice” and that’s when I’m not so willing to help.

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Hanging Up My Coat

I hate wearing a coat and protest it as long into winter as I possibly can and then I get rid of it as soon as I can. My “rule” is that there must be snow on the ground and below freezing before wearing one.  People make fun of me for this but they are cumbersome and get in my way (however, I did find I liked having the pockets this year). There is always a coat in my car in case I break down or something but it’s rarely on.

Today is the day I decided to hang up my coat for the season. It is officially Spring, the snow is pretty much melted and I’m not wearing one anymore. This morning I stepped out and there was a pretty good bite in the air but I did not go back in the house. Then, not long after arriving at work it started freezing raining out (that sounds funny, should probably be reworded, please forgive me Mr. Ball). I’m standing firm, not giving in and putting my coat back on, I wore it a good month longer than I do normally so Mother Nature is going to have to be the one to back down this time!

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My Big Day

I work with the best people in the world!  Honestly, they treat me like I’m gold.  The students make me feel like I’m one of them and not some old fart (someday that will change, I’m sure) and they really are great friends.   Today I have gotten 3 cakes.  Yes, 3.  One Sarah made herself

And she also brought me in a balloon

she also brought me a card that plays “the Conga” and she said “it’s a cheesy 80’s song for you”  I’m play 80’s music in here ALOT and it kills her (oh, Sarah is a student).  She makes fun of my music all the time and will change my internet radio on me when I’m gone to lunch and say “I just couldn’t take it.”  That’s why I love her.

My boss got me some lotion and neck wrap that smells really good.  I’ve also received 2 gift certificates and several cards.  Not bad.  Every year this group amazes me with how wonderful they treat me.  I keep waiting for all the good ones to graduate and then it will be over.  To keep that from happening I don’t let them take the classes they need so they are stuck with me and will be my “kids” forever.   (kidding, but sometimes I really want to).

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80’s Flashback!

Is it just me or are the 80’s coming back?  We were at the mall the other day and there was a mannequin that was dressed very much like how we would have dressed in the 80’s.  Well, not I, for the most part I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, but how “everyone else” was dressing.  The big wide belts over the shirt, leggin’s . . . I don’t even remember what all I’ve seen but it’s pretty freaky.  I just keep waiting for the big hair and that is the day I’ll laugh really hard.  Oh, tapered legs on the jeans, I’ve see those.  The music even has a very similar sound and many of the “new” songs are remakes of what we listened to.  The students here wonder how I know the words and it’s simple, they are the songs I grew up with just the beat is a little different and someone else is singing them.    Growing up in the 80’s was great but I think it’s going to be weird watching a whole generation in “my” clothes.

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It’s Shamrock Shake Time!

Last night I was in bed, unable to fall asleep, and suddenly I remembered that Saturday is the last day for Shamrock Shakes at McD’s and I haven’t had one yet.  Gotta have a shamrock shake!  Just like at Christmas you have to have an eggnog shake but that’s a post I’ll have in 9 months.  Then I started craving a shamrock shake and their french fries.  I don’t know why I love that combo but I do.  That just might be dinner tonight!  Tomorrow I could have another during rehearsal . . . have to remember to wear green tomorrow also.  Remember pinching the crap out of people on the playground because they didn’t have green on.  Some people didn’t wear green just so they would get pinched, or say something like “my underwear is green”  Green underwear . . . that’s just wrong.

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