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I took this picture 9 years ago (ack!) on a standard 35mm camera, but I think it’s gorgeous.  Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has provided me with 100’s of photo opportunities because each season has it’s own beauty.  This shot was taken just North of Marquette on the Dead River Basin.  We were driving along on a color tour and suddenly came upon this view.  It was breathtaking.


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Katrina, 2 years later

I thought that since this is the 2nd anniversary of Katrina that maybe I would post a couple of the pictures I took when I visited that area 4 months after the hurricane. Steve went down there to work for 6 months and I flew down to see him over New Year’s. The pictures don’t come close to describing how awful it was. He lived/worked 2 blocks from where the levees broke. The destruction, smells, sights and everything put together were like being in a war zone.

The marina:

this one speaks for itself:


The broken levee:

Click here for more.

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Analyze This . . .

Last night I had a dream that I went to the moon.  It was a short journey but I remember landing and getting rid of our fuel source (an SUV).  Then I was living on the moon, in a house and it was dark out.  I kept trying to see the Earth but I couldn’t see it because there were too many clouds.  Then it started snowing.  For some reason my car was there and we could listen to the radio because my car would pick up radio signals from Earth.  It was a very bizarre dream but it was the dream I had right before my mean alarm went off so I remember quite a bit about it and in full color.

Just now I went to weather.com to see how warm out it is and they have a link to watch the lunar eclipse we had last night.  I didn’t know that was happening but my dream was happening at the time the eclipse would have happened.  Explain that to me.

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Stacie’s Baby Shower

(today is the first day of classes so I don’t have much spare time, sorry so brief)

Yesterday was Stacie’s baby shower.  Stacie is a girlfriend of mine from high school that, thanks to the wonderful world of email, has remained a great friend of mine.  She and her husband, David, are expecting their first child in November and yesterday was their shower.  It was so great to see both of them again and see all the wonderful gifts that they received.  They should be well stocked in Pampers Swaddlers and other diapers for a while.  Then again, I hear those little ones use many of them so maybe they are not as well stocked as it looked like.  The gift I gave her I made and I’m quite proud to show it off:

Baby blanket

Up close

The happy couple

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May I just take a moment to brag on my nephew, Dominic? He is the world’s biggest NFL fan, ask him any stat and he knows it. Anything. It’s amazing. He was just announced as the 1st string quarterback for his 6th grade team this year!!! Aunt Vic is pretty proud of him and will definitely be making it to at least one game to watch him.

Here he is two years ago after one of his games. He was fighting a smile because he said you’re not supposed to smile in your football pictures, you are supposed to look mean.

Here he is in on his birthday in February opening his Chad Johnson jersey that I got him for his birthday, I know I’ve posted it here before but I like looking at it.

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Thursday’s Theme: Fade

Ok, I normally don’t do the picture theme days but I had time to today.  This is a picture I love that I took at my friend’s wedding last summer.  The sun is fading in the background over Lake Michigan with the lovely new couple watching

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My friend, Care, tagged me to tell you all what exciting things I’ve done in my life that, in return, I was paid for.

 1. Customer Service at Slim, Trim and Tan:  I actually don’t know what my title was there but I worked for my mom at a tanning and exercise place she owned.  Come to think of it, I don’t know if I got paid to work there, my pay was maybe the free tanning, work outs and groceries on the table.  Anyway, I answered phones, cleaned tanners and explained the work out equipment.

2.  Assistant Secretary to Attorney David R. McEvers:  That sounds impressive for a 16 year old.  Basically, the title is self-explanatory, I helped the main secretary.  I scheduled appointments, typed (on a typewriter) court documents, scheduled hearings.  It was actually a great stepping stone for me because it was my first clerical type job.

3. Secretary to the volleyball coaches at CMU:  What a great college job that was!  That’s where I was introduced to computers and mail-merges.  I typed the recruiting letters and sent out articles from the newspaper to perspective players.  I wasn’t busy all the time so I also got to do my homework ON THEIR COMPUTER instead of the word processor I had in my dorm.

4. Cashier at Mr. B’s Party Store:  Self explanatory.  This was a crappy job.  It didn’t pay squat and was hard work.  People return some very nasty pop bottles and I learned from that job to NOT do that to other people.  I can’t even begin to tell you some of the things that would fly out of those bottles while sorting them.  However, this was a very important job because this is where I met Steve.  We grew up about 4 miles apart but went to different schools so we never met.

5.  Customer Service in the shoe dept. at Mervyn’s:  Stocked the shelves, put shoes on a million little kids feet and worked the cash register.  I also learned that women use the shoe department to nurse their babies because I was always walking by a chair to find a woman sitting there doing that.  Who knew?

6.  Binder Worker at Logan Brothers Printer:  This job was hard work but I loved the hours, 7:00 – 3:30, perfect.  I had to do a lot of lifting and packing and stacking and standing.  I was in great shape from doing this job.  It was a great job for me because this is where I met Marilyn who got me my next job.

7.  Office Manager at Blue Pencil Creative Group:  I loved this job and would probably still be there if we hadn’t moved.  I worked with a wonderful group of people, had fantastic customers and I bawled like a baby when I left.  Literally, I had to pull the car over because I was crying so hard leaving this place.  I grew-up and learned so much here.  I really learned how to use a computer there, learned how to multi-task and how to always put the customer first.  Here is where I learned that you don’t always get to leave at 5:00, you leave when the job is done.  It is the job that gave me experience that allowed me to have the job I have today.

8.  Dept. Secretary for Biology at FSU:  I have a great job that I will probably retire from.  I do so many things that I can’t even begin to list them, some fun, some not so great, but it’s the people I work with that make my job so fantastic.  My co-workers are top-notch (most of the time) and many of them are my friends that I hang out with when we’re not here.  I never thought that biology geeks could be so fun, but they are.  My boss is great to work for.  We are the same age and have tons in common, including the same work-ethic so we work wonderfully together.   The best part of my job is the students.  It’s so exciting to watch them come here ready to tackle the world and then learn that the world isn’t really that easy.  I watch them grow up and become adults.  What they give me for accepting me into their lives is something I can’t explain.  I guess in some way they are children I can’t have.  They keep me young and “hip” and I am truly blessed to work with them (I can say that today, a week from now I’ll be ready to pull my hair out because of them but it goes away).

So, I’m a loser and only follow two other blogs . . . need to do something about that.  So,  Stacie and Matt are next!

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