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My newest “hat”

What would I do if I didn’t have 15 “hats” on at once ūüôā My latest “hat” is assistant director. Our community theatre, Stage-M , is doing The Miracle Worker over Easter weekend (sorry, I won’t be home for Easter) and I was asked to be the AD. At first I turned them down because I’m a snotty actress and if I’m going to devote that much time to a show I’m going to be on stage and take my bow. Then, after thinking about it for a day I decided that this would be a great opportunity for me see the whole process, I would learn so much and no lines to memorize. For the next . . . until Easter, you will probably hear me “talk” about the show quite a bit. In case you don’t know, this play is the story of Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan.

Last night was our first real rehearsal. I didn’t do much, just wrote down the blocking in my book, but I’m finding that I’m thinking like a director. During auditions I was thinking about how someone would look on stage paired up with another person and did they have what it took to be certain character. It was fun. Now I’m seeing the blocking and the symbolism that can be created. I’ve always been “directed” and you don’t see it when you are on stage. It’s really fascinating. We have a phenomenal Helen. She’s 11 years old and knows what a challenging role she has excepted. I’m so impressed with her, she has studied Helen, learned sign-language and knows how to be blind. So amazing. The rest of the cast is good but that little girl is blowing me away!


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Here are all of the yahoos that I am proud to have call me “Aunt Vic”.¬† I also have another niece, Shelbi, but she’s on Steve’s side our family and wasn’t there to be in this picture.

All Six

This weekend I went home to see my new niece and the rest of my family. My new niece, Corrine, was born on Tuesday and I didn’t hear a peep out of her the whole 2 1/2 hours I was there. I think she was just busy trying to figure out who the 20 people were in her house why did everyone want to hold her.Corrine

The reason I am a self proclaimed “world’s best aunt” is because of Dominic. He has to share his birthday with his new little sister and to quote him “it kinda sucks” so I wanted to get him something a little extra special this year. His mom told me who his favorite NFL play is, Dominic is a NFL FREAK! so I did some serious searching on Ebay but was able to get him that player’s jersey. I think he liked it and wish I had a video of him opening it, he was slightly excited. Yes! Aunt Vic Rocks!

Dominic's Present

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Confessions of a blogging amature

That’s me, an amature.¬† I don’t know what the heck I’m doing here but I am challenged to figure it out and know that I can.¬† (the first post was me figuring this out but it’s a very important thing so I’m not removing it)

For anyone that doesn’t know who I am let me give you a little background.¬† My name is Vicky and I’m married to Steve.¬† We’ve been married since 1994 so over 1/3 of my life has been with this man, I’m not complaining but it sure makes me feel old to look at it that way.¬† We have 2 cats, 1 dog and¬†7 nieces and nephews.

Let me explain my title “Life As I Know It”.¬† Basically, I’m finding out that I don’t see the world as about every other 30-something year old I know because of one simple fact, we don’t have kids.¬† Because of that I don’t have the same conversations as them or have the same responsibilites.¬† I’m just finding it to be an¬†odd place to be right now so this is “life as I know it”.

¬†Basically I’m creating this blog for my friends and family or anyone else that might happen to stumble on here and want to join in.¬† We live a ways away from our family and I think this will be the best way for my family and friends to keep in touch.

Thanks for looking and come back!

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Happy Birthday

My nephew, Dominic, got a very special present for his birthday, a new baby sister. Corrine Patricia (and Dominic Paul) was born on Fat Tuesday, February 20th.

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