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BSM ~ Someone Loves The Snow

Rusty loves the snow, you can’t get him to come in during the winter.  This is a common site when you look out the window.



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Things Will Be Great In 2008

20 years ago (gulp!) I was bringing in the new year at Michelle Lattig’s house with Shannon Craft and Renea Jones.  We were toating orange slices saying “things will be great in ’88” and 1988 was a pretty good year.  I turned 16, got my first car, finally got my first kiss . . . all in all, it was a good year.  So, 20 years later I’m making the same toast.

2007 was a rough year but 2008 is going to be better.  In 2007 I finally came to terms to fact that I will never be a mom (oh, if I had known that in 1988 I would have made some different choices but that’s a whole other post).  We also realized that we wasted the entire year waiting for the government to fulfill a promise to Steve that will take forever to happen if it ever does.  I’m going to look at 2007 as a “learning year” and things are going to turn around in 2008.

2008 is going to be my year to figure “me” out.  Since I’m never going to be a parent I have to figure out what my purpose is and set new goals.  Also, Steve is looking for work and will find something, soon.  That means that 2008 is going to be the year we are going to get caught up and be able to start living again. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store for us and I feel very positive about it.

So, raise your glass and toast to a wonderful 2008!!!  This is going to be a great year.  (maybe we’ll kick it off right with Michigan winning their bowl game tomorrow)

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Welcome Zachary Scott

Yesterday afternoon my sister, Mary, gave birth to her 3rd boy, Zachary Scott (I have to double-check the spelling).  He weighs 6 lbs 6 ozs and is 19″ long.  He’s bald, but, that doesn’t surprise me, Mary has bald babies 🙂 Last I heard both mom and baby were doing fine.  I’m not sure when I’ll get to see them but it should be pretty soon.

I finished his blanket yesterday so I better get to see him soon, he’ll need this very warm blanket I knit.


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Christmas 2007

Christmas was “weird” this year in that I didn’t get to spend it with Steve.  Our furnace started acting up so someone needed to be here to make sure the darn thing stayed lit so our pipes didn’t freeze.  (Everything in 2007 has been a fight and I really can’t wait to get this year over with).  So, Christmas Eve Steve and I drove home separately so he could at least see him family for a short while.  We ended up spending a couple of hours at his mom and dad’s place but then he came back to check on the furnace.  I stayed the night because my family Christmas is done on Christmas day. 

After he left, I met up with my family at Sparrow Hospital.  My Aunt Linda has been in the hospital for 2 months, no kidding, so several family members went to see her.  They had all left a good hour before I could so I got there about 20 minutes before time to leave.  I think about 16 people were there on both our side and her side of the family.  My cousin, Eddie, played songs on his guitar (which I missed but it was still nice), my aunt said a prayer, and the nurse took a picture of the whole gang of us.  It was really nice and I hope it made Linda feel better and maybe will help speed up her recovery.


Christmas day was nice.  We got up at some insane time in the morning (5:30 but that’s insane when there are no kids there)   We had breakfast then mom and dad opened their presents from each other.  They needed to do that just to make room for the presents bought for us kids and all the grandkids to fit under the tree.  They had a couple of big items so the presents filled half the room, Santa had come there as well.  I did’t get nearly as many pictures as I wanted but the kids sure did have a nice time and I had a blast playing with them.  Here are just a couple pictures.

Corinne was fasinted with all that glittered.


Princess Kirsten and her “choos” that were 3x too big for her but she was determined to walk in them

It was a really nice Christmas and only 364 more days until Christmas 2008!

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Dominic On Ice

Dominic spent the weekend with us.   We’ve had it planned for quite a while and we were both really looking forward to it.  It’s not like we had anything extravagant planned but it was nice just to get to spend time together.  Our big “event” we had planned was to take him ice skating.  I was nervous, Steve was sure he’d crack his skull open but Dominic was excited to give it a try.  He was also so excited to get to skate at FSU where he’s watch a few big games and has seen players, who now play for the NHL, play.  We skated there Sunday and Saturday we skated in Grand Rapids.

Dominic did FANTASTIC.  I was putting stuff on the bleachers, turned around and he had taken off, like a pro . . . almost.  He did really well, gained some confidence and decided to try a few things.  At the end of the 2 hours he was working on stopping and he stopped flat on his belly and knocked the wind out himself.  He jumped up like “no one saw that” but he had to shake the cobwebs out for a few minutes.  It was time to be done and I think he was thankful.

The next day is when we went to FSU and he wasn’t at all afraid to get right back out there.  He fell a couple of times but he learned how to fall, if that makes sense.  He had a blast and I/we had a blast skating with him.

 Thanks for the fun weekend, Domino, we’ll have to do this again and soon.

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My Lucky $6.66

I had a few errands to run today so I figured I would take my lunch (which I never take) at 8:30 this morning to get everything done and out of the way.  I had 3 little stops to make, no biggie.  So, I started out by trying to buy 2 gift certificates to the coffee shop on campus for 2 of my co-workers.  That should have been easy, right?  Well, the actual purchase was easy but they had to redesign the gift certificate for me to give them.  It didn’t take forever but it did take 1/2 an hour which was way longer than it should have taken.  Then I had to go to Staples to UPS a package.  There was literally two people in the store, me and another lady.  She literally walked in directly in front of me and she, of course, had a package to ship also.  OMG, this lady wanted the PETS names listed on the label, not just her grandkids.  Then, they ask what’s in the package and she had about 25 different things in there and of course she had to tell them all and they had to list them all in the computer.  LIE LADY, tell them you have some clothes and call it good.  Anyway, after about 15 minutes I got my chance and was done in about 5 minutes.  Finally, I swung by Walgreens to pick up a little extra something to put in a gift.  I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for but found something that would work so I picked that up and grabbed some Carmex for myself.  She rang it up and my purchase came to $6.66.  As soon as I saw that I said “I have to buy something else, I can’t have that total” and started looking for a pack of gum or anything to change the total.  In my quick scramble I found the exact item I was looking for in the first place at the check out (elegant gift, can you tell) and it was $1 less so I asked her to exchange the two items.  Then she remembered that they had a coupon in the paper for this item that took another 99 cents off the already on sale price.  Cool!  I got out of there for $4.23 and that made up for the people that obviously have nothing better to do at 8:30 in the morning but dink around.

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1/2 Way There

The fall semester is over so that means we are 1/2 way to Summer . . . is that bad of me to look at it that way?  Fall semester ended on Friday and now I have this week to get everything done that I can’t get done while everyone is here.  I had great intentions of starting right up on my big project on Monday but here it is, the end of the day on Tuesday and the project isn’t started.  There’s always tomorrow . . .

Right now I’m waiting for 6:30ish because I’m meeting my friend, Sarah, at the movies to watch I Am Legend.  I’ve heard it’s going to make me cry, that was not in the plan.  I wasn’t planning on crying tonight but I’m sure if it’s even a wee bit sad I’ll bawl.  That’s me, it’s a trait I inherited from my mom, I’m a crier.  There are songs I can’t even listen to on the radio because they make me cry, just thinking about them makes me cry.  It’s quite embarrassing but there’s not alot I can do about it, so, I cry.  I have a feeling that I’ll get the whole lip quivering tonight . . . maybe if I just stuff my face with popcorn I won’t cry so badly.   Today is BYOB day at the movies so I’ll have a very large bowl of popcorn.    BYOB = Bring Your Own Bucket.  You can bring your own bowl, no matter the size as long as it fits on your lap, and they fill it for 50 cents . . . I take full advantage of them.

So, this week is for wrapping up all the ends here at the office and then I have 2 full weeks off work.  I won’t be around much those two weeks because of my lousy internet but I will pop on some.

Ok, I have an hour until 6:30 . . . maybe I’ll work, or just surf the internet.

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