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Walking and Smiling

It only took 15 1/2 months but I can officially say that Zach is walking! and someday I’ll take a picture of it.  He is officially walking more than he is crawling.  He’s actually not crawling much at all these days and is a regular monkey.  OMG! the boy is a climber and into everything he can possibly get into.  He’s smart and is figuring out how to get into stuff we try to keep him out of.  Oh, he is . . . challenging and very . . . . determined.  Yesterday he figured out he could crawl over the arm of the couch and get into Sissy’s bassinet so he played in there the whole time I was feeding her.  I would have taken a picture if I wasn’t feeding Sis at the time.  Plus, I can’t tell you how nerved up I was the whole time because I *knew* he was going to flip it.  He didn’t, but that didn’t make it any easier for me to watch.  Time to find a new place for the bassinet.  Well, once the crib gets here  the bassinet is coming down.

It only took 3 months but I can officially say that Sarah is smiling and starting to make those sweet little noises that melt my heart.  She gives the big smiles that light up her eyes.  Now all the pain of no sleep isn’t hurting so bad, the payoff is beginning.  I have tried to take a picture of her smiling but as soon as the camera comes out the smile goes away.  Give her time, it will happen.  She also likes to lay on the floor and swing her arms and kick her legs.  As soon as I can find my way to a store I’m getting her a bouncy chair because I think she will love it.  The challenge . . . keeping Zach out of it.  Hopefully I can find one rated for 35 pounds!  Well, he only weighs 22 (18th % so he’s skinny?) but I’m thinking long term here.

I guess I never gave an update after court last week.  Sarah is with us for at least another 3 months and then we go back to courth.  I have a feeling it’s going to be like this for a while but time will tell.  She’s with us right now and that’s all that matters.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of pictures.  I really wish my house was always spotless, but it’s not, so ignore the background on Zach’s picture.


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Beautiful Spring Day

We had an absolutely beautiful Spring Day on Saturday.  Of course it’s all gone, raining and cold now, but Saturday was beautiful.  I quickly learned that getting projects done outside with 2 children does not happen like it did last year at this time when I had no kids, but that’s ok, it’s all worth it.

Zach had a blast.  He won’t walk outside, just crawls, so he tore his knees up but that didn’t slow him down.  He didn’t tear them up that bad or I would have put pants on him, but it was the upper 70’s and I didn’t want him to roast.

Someday we’ll have grass out here.

This was the only spot of shade I could find for Sarah (next month shade won’t be a problem at my house)

So I moved her to be by her brother and tried out the  Bumbo, not quite ready yet but in a couple of weeks she will be

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Grandpa Tate

Here’s Grandpa Tate and his little buddy Zach at Easter. That man’s eyes light up the room when he sees this little guy. It’s probably a good thing we live over 2 hours away or Zach would be even more spoiled than he already is.


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Easter Update

Besides being a massive whirl wind, Easter was really nice.  It was a lovely day out so the kids all got to go outside to hunt Easter eggs and burn off some sugar-highs.  We had to make sure that we visited both my family and Steve’s, did it all in one day, so we only got to spend about 2 hours with each.  At least this way everyone got to see the kids, because we all know, Steve and I don’t matter anymore it’s all about the kids.

Here are some pictures my mom took on Sunday.

Me, Zach and a doll . . . I mean, Sarah

Kirsten hunting for eggs

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, but here is the whole gang, all 8 of my parent’s grandkids

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Oy! Where Have I Been?

So, I’ve been back to work for two weeks now and I have not posted.  If it makes you feel better, because it doesn’t make me feel better, I still have not found the top of my desk either.

Not much has changed in the last month.  I still have Sarah and she is growing like a weed.  On Monday she weighed 9 lbs 11 ozs and is now 22″ long!  She has more than doubled since bringing her home, she’s really thriving.  We go back to court on April 21st and I’m feeling pretty confident she’ll stay with me after that for at least some period of time, please keep your prayers coming our way that she does.

Zach is like, Captain Insane-O or something lately.  Holy cow, that boy keeps us hopping from the minute he wakes up until the minute he goes to sleep.  He’s fighting sleep at night because he just does not want to quit, he literally goes until he can’t go no more.

He also wants to climb everything.  Who needs toys when you have a dining room chair?

And crayons are for more than coloring you know, they are a staple in Zach’s diet

You see that the crayon is in the right hand and the holder is in the left, I couldn’t figure out how to do that and I still haven’t figured out how to lock the crayon back in the holder.  Also, you can’t see it in the picture but we literally have our own “blue tooth” in these pictures.

I am a very bad person and have not taken a new picture of Sarah in a couple weeks now!  Sorry, but Zach is just so much more fun to take pictures of but she is the one changing every time you look at her.  She is starting to crack me up with her facial expressions.  She’ll stick he tongue out at me, then I do it back and then she looks at me really weird.  I can’t describe it but she really does crack me up.  She went to her first play on Saturday, Noises Off!  She didn’t make a peep and was a perfect member of the audience.  Heck, she even got me in the play for free so I think I’ll be taking her to the movies next week!

I promise to do better about my posts now that things are starting to settle back down and we are getting back into a routine (that will change every other day).  In the meantime, have a nice Easter and I will be back with Easter stories on Monday.

Oh, and one last picture.  I figured out why I got nothing done for 2 months!  Sorry about the quality, Steve was in charge of the camera for this one and this is also pretty much how I looked for 2 solid months.


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