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Go Dad! Go Dad!

I just wanted to do a quick post to say how proud I am of my dad right now.  As I type this he is in his 2nd day of a 5 day bike ride from Lansing to Mackinaw City called the Dalmac.  He has trained for many months for this ride where they ride on average of 80 miles a day.  I couldn’t do one day of that, let alone 5 days.  He should get to Mackinaw City around noon on Sunday and I will be there to see him cross the finish line and hopefully get pictures.  I talked to him 3 times yesterday and he is quite pumped and really enjoying the ride.

Last night they stayed the night at Central Michigan University where I went to school my Freshman year of college.  He called to tell me what a beautiful campus it is and told me they were staying just outside the rec. center.  I had to remind him that I knew exactly where he was because that is the building that my job was in that year and it is a great facility.  He said he was eyeing the hot tub but they wouldn’t let him use it.  I have a feeling he might spend a little bit of time in the hot tub at the hotel Sunday when he gets there.

Anyway, give a cheer and keep my dad in your thoughts as he is pedaling his little heart out the next few days.

Dad, I love you and am very proud of you!


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Happy Birthday, Bryan!

On this day, August 28th, 13th years ago my oldest nephew, Byan was born.  Wow, he’s 13.  A TEENAGER!  It seems like yesterday I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for his arrival (hence the term, waiting room).  I never thought I could love another child as much as Ioved him at that moment.  He is growing up to be a fine young man, despite the fact that he is a Michigan State fan.  How could we possibly have a State fan in our family?!

Happy birthday, Bryan!!!

Bryan The Butterfly

Bryan The Butterfly

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Up He Goes

As I was getting ready this morning Zach wandered off on me.  I found him behind the recliner, just like this and very proud of himself

Look What I Can Do Now!

Look What I Can Do Now!

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Crafty Tuesday

Have I been crafty?  No.  The most crafty I’ve been lately is trying to figure out how to get Zach dressed while he’s fighting every step of it and making it last 15x longer than it would if he just let me dress him.

However!  Yesterday I got my first craft project that Zach “made” for me (with a little help from Sara (daycare)).  She is really awesome and tries do crafts with them all the time.  Last week they were making stepping stones and they tried to do one for Zach but he would have no part of it.  I guess after one foot was in he threw a fit.  Well, this week, for the Olympics, they made gold medals.  Here’s mine and it’s hanging proudly on my fridge.

gold medal

gold medal

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What Have I Been Up To???

Not a whole lot but I keep thinking of these random things and thinking “I should blog that”.  Then the post would be one sentence and what’s the point in that?  So, here are my random thoughts:

Since getting Zach my recycling sure has a lot of chipboard with the word Munchkin on it and my glass box is filling faster thanks to baby food jars.

Remember those filthy bibs Zach had on at the end of the day for the tractor pull?  I washed them in baking soda with a vinegar rinse and they came out perfectly.  Actually, most of his clothes have no stains on them and that’s the way I wash them.

My dinner eating habits are a little better.  I have moved from corn dogs to cottage cheese with melba toast or last night was a  tomato sandwich with a sliced up cucumber on the side (man, I had tomatoes and cukes cut up to bring to work and I forgot them in the fridge, argh!)  Now if I would only stop eating a bowl of ice cream afterwards. . .

I stopped to get gas this morning, not at my usual place, they had hand sanitizer right at the pump.  Thank You!  That’s enough for me to make that my regular place.

Summer is basically over, students start moving back to campus next week and the insanity will once again begin.  This summer flew by, holy cow!  Oh, and since the insanity begins at work next week I have a social worker that needs to come to my house next week and the following week (first week of classes) Zach’s attorney wants to meet with me.  Could that timing suck any more?

Zach said “hi” to one of my co-workers at the grocery store last night.  She heard it, not just I.  She said “hi” and he said “hi” so she said “no, you are not talking already!”  I also think he said “dada” last night which is totally not fair because he never sees his “dada”.  No, I’m not jealous, I know that “dada” is easier to say, I’m just glad to hear him making letter sounds and not just grunts.

I might actually be going to the mall tomorrow.  I’m sure I won’t really be able to shop but it will be nice to actually go to a mall instead of a quick dash into Walmart or Meijer.  PLUS, I have a card for a free “something” at Bath and Body works that will expire soon so I better use it (who cares what the item is, it’s free!) and I have a $10 coupon off any bra at VS.  With $10 off that might actually take the bra down to a price that I’m willing to pay so I should check that out.

Oh, last but not least:  My respect for SAHMs and my daycare provider are at an all time high.  Yes, I wish I could stay home with Zach but I think we would both drive each other nuts.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ He Can Do It

He hasn’t even fully figured out how to crawl and he’s pulling himself to his knees!



As hard as he’s trying to pull himself all the way to his feet this won’t take long at all.  Last night he’d pull for awhile and then have to rest and suck his thumb for awhile.  However, if I stood him at something he could hold himself up for a minute or so.

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Country-Fried Weekend

Steve made it home Wednesday night so I took Thursday off so we all could go to the Buckley Old Engine Show.  It’s an event that Steve really looks forward to every year and is now hoping to be able to restore our Farmall A with Zach so the two of them will be able to enjoy it together.  I enjoy the old tractors but my favorite part is the flea market.  The flea market is huge and this year they had one heck of a deal on sheets.  Oh, I’m so kicking myself for only buying one set because they were 600 thread count for $21!  It didn’t matter the size or color it was one price fits all.  Last night was my first night sleeping on them and it was Heaven.

Zach had a big day and loved getting to be outside all day.  I had a great time getting pictures of him.

Zach and Steve

Playing in the dirt

Checking out the Doodle Bug

Looky that face

Yup, he’s all boy and he sure had fun

Saturday we went “home” to the Bluegrass Festival for a couple of hours and to visit my grandma who was just then being released from the hospital.  Grandma and Grandpa Taylor like this little guy and enjoyed getting to show him off.

Here he is in the outfit he was supposed to wear Friday but it didn’t make it in the mail on time.  Of course he’s not wearing the matching hat in this shot but he’s still adorable (and the dirt washed off from the night before)

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