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Happy Birthday, Granny!

Today is my Granny’s 75th birthday and my granny rocks, I absolutely love this woman.  You never have a doubt of what she’s thinking because she will tell you, for good or bad.  That’s a good thing, right?  She is my only grandparent that is still alive and I cherish her.  Truly, my granny has made me a better person just because she has been such an influence in my life.

Happy Birthday Granny!  Here’s to 75 more great years!

*this picture was taken a few years ago, we always share our birthday parties because they are so close together


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got dust?

Boy, oh boy, do I.  My furniture needed dusting before I left last week to go home for the funeral/Easter but it didn’t get done because I was doing big projects (washing walls).  Well, now it’s 10 days later and it’s really getting bad!   Please don’t come visit me because I promise that you can write your name on any piece of furniture in my house.  I also promise that you maybe don’t want to use my bathroom.  Ok, there’s no mold growing in there but it’s definitely below my standard of clean.  Yuck!  Tomorrow, yes these will both be done tomorrow and then it will be safe to come see me again.

This week has simply been rough.  It’s the first week of registration so that means I am more than earning my paycheck.  I always work 9 hour days but I don’t always work that full 9 hours (shhh!).  Well, this week we’ve been cramming in about 12 hours into the 9, crazy.  Then when I get home I want to fix something decent for supper since Steve’s been in school all day and needs nourishment and I can always eat.  So after I get home, fix supper and clean it up it’s well after 7:00 and I’m ready to relax.  That means that no housework (besides loading the dishwasher) is getting done.  It has been a very long week and I can’t say TGIF enough.

Next week is Steve’s last week of school (have I talked about him going to school in here, if not please leave a comment and I will expand on that) and hopefully he’ll be graduating at the end of the week.  I’m ready for him to be done and he’s ready to be done.  His 4:00 alarm is killing both of us.

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Nielson Ratings

Last night we got a call from the Nielson Ratings people.  They want us to do the ratings survey for sweeps week.  I told them that we don’t have TV but they said “that’s ok, you can do the survey anyway”.  OoooKkkkkk, how?  So then they had to ask me a couple of other questions like “how many working TVs do you have?”  my answer “1”.  The other question was “do you have TiVo or DVR or any other kind of recording device?”  NO, why would I, I don’t have TV!!!  So, they are sending the packet in the mail, along with $5 for completing the survey.

I’m not sure if they thought we were weird because we only have 1 TV and nothing but a DVD player or I think they are insane for thinking we can do this survey.

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Crafty Tuesday ~ Scapbooking?

Mom had this huge scrapbook project she had wanted to have done by Sunday and since I was there she volunteered my services to help.  My cousin, Melissa, got married in February and part of her present was that mom would scrapbook a wedding album for her.  I have never done this and I don’t think there is any danger of me ever becoming a scrapper.  I think knitting is more my thing because I don’t have to be creative.  I simply find a pattern I like and I do what it tells me, so much easier than coming up with my own ideas 🙂  Anyway, here is my first spread, I did do one more but I don’t have pictures of it.



For the record:  I did have fun making the pages it just took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  I do think some of that had to do with I didn’t have a clue what kind of tools or supplies mom had and so I was completely lost.  My second spread went much faster.

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BSM ~ In Her Easter Bonnet

I have so much to write about but right now I’m just going to have to leave you with this picture of my youngest niece, Corinne.

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Not Quite As Planned

As you know, I have this week off work for “vacation”.  Ok, my vacation is spring cleaning.   Steve started school yesterday so I was supposed to have 5 days to be a bachelorette and get all kinds of stuff done.  Plans have changed, let me start from the beginning:

Saturday some guy came over and was able to get my car to start and I was so excited I about creamed my jeans.  Yes, my little Breezy car is still alive and kicking.  We took her out, drove her, filled her with gas, all was well.  Then Sunday we went out and noticed “gremlins” in the eletrical.  The dashboard doesn’t die for about 5 seconds when you turn off the key, there is no dome light and there are no brake lights.  About 8:00 that night a buddy suggested that it’s probably a broken ground wire but it was 8:00 Sunday night and Steve had school the next day and couldn’t mess with it.  The plan was that Steve would take the car to Grand Rapids and leave me here with the truck and my dad’s van since I’m not working.  Ends up that I’m here with the van and a car with no brake lights.  *sigh*  Not sure if I’m going to be able to leave my dad’s van with him this weekend or not now.  (this is why I was super pissed that he put it off for so long because what if we ran into issues like this . . .)

Monday morning the alarm goes off at 4:15 so Steve can leave for his first day of class.  I got up with him and then went back to bed until 8:00ish.  Once I was up I was in full-throttle house cleaning mode.  I moved the computer back upstairs and out of my dining room.  The computer will not be used much now that Steve won’t be home so why have it in there when I have an empty room here for it.  Of course that lead to me “cleaning” the loft.  The loft will never be clean until I decide I can throw away so stuff.  I don’t know what all I did but at 12:15 I was dying my hair when the phone rang.  It was Steve and he had forgotten a piece of paper that he had to have for school.  We were renting a boarding house, he wasn’t going to be home until Friday so that meant a special trip to GR and I was not happy.  I mean, we’re talking like $35 in gas for a piece of paper that they had a faxed copy of but that wasn’t good enough.

About 15 minutes before I was going to leave my sister, Jamie, called me to see when I was coming “home”.  While chatting with her I told her what was going on and she said “why don’t you overnight it to him?”  Duh!  So I called up the school and they said it would be fine, gave me the address and I was off to the post office.  While I was gone Steve called and left a message that he had found someone to carpool with so would I please cancel his boarding room.  UGH! I had just spent $16.25 to overnight this piece of paper to him and now he was on his way home!  Now I’m not going to be a bachelorette.  I mean, I’m glad he’s home at night but I had plans of big bowls of buttery popcorn every night and chick flicks.  Oh well.

Today I washed all the walls in my house and I’m calling that good, I’m not tackling another project.

My other “not quite as planned” is that I’m not going to be home all week as planned.  I think I’m taking off around 10:00 tomorrow to go “home”.  On Saturday my cousin, Bobby, passed away.  He was only 40 so it came as quite the surprise.  He left his wife Vicki, (cool name so you know she’s awesome) and his two young children.  I think he had a heart attack but I haven’t heard the autopsy report to know for sure.  I’m going to leave here and probably go to Jamie’s house for a couple of hours and get in some “Aunt Vic” time.  Maybe I should call and tell her?  After a couple of hours I’ll go to mom and dad’s to get ready to go to the viewing tomorrow night.  The funeral is Thursday (for those of you looking at your calendar, yes, that’s my birthday).  I figure I may as well stay down there until Easter.  Hopefully Steve will get the “gremlins” worked out of my car and will come pick me up in that on Sunday, otherwise, I’m driving the van back here, again.

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Pushing Spring Along

Yesterday I had a bunch of sheets and blankets to wash.  The weather was supposed to get above freezing and there was a cold breeze in the air so I figured “what the heck”.  For the record, they dried.


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