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The Weekends Are Never Long Enough

Two days a week to get everything in life done is just not enough.  Whoever thought of working 5 days a weeks, 40+ hours a week should be shot!  I leave my house at 7:15 and don’t return until 5:45 IF I don’t stop anywhere on my way.   Anyhoo……

My weekend was jam-packed.  Saturday we went to Traverse City to try and find some toy tractors that we sell on Ebay.  We never did find any but we spent the day together shopping, ice skating and eating.  He was wanting Buffalo Wild Wings but they don’t have one in TC so we ended up at Hooters.  I’m not thrilled with eating there but I will.  It ended up that they had a great sale going so we ate tons, brought food home and barely spent more than $20!

Sunday my day was spent getting things ready to sell on Ebay for my boss.  She had a ton of baby girl stuff to get rid of so I listed it for her.  It was way more work than I was expecting and it’s still not all listed but it’s out there so we’ll see.  Around 3:00 I was done listing everything and was able to get into the shower and was done for the day!   I had a ton of housework to do but it didn’t get done (tonight I will the clean the bathroom, YUCK).  Instead I did something much more useful, sat down and watched about 8 episodes of Prison Break, Season 2.  I just found a website that has season 3 episodes on it so I should be able to get all caught up to what’s on fox.com and be able to finish watching the show.  We have finished season 2 and are now rewatching it, at least until all 6 seasons of Northern Exposure arrives that is mail right now.


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Crafty Tuesday

Although I have not given my craft away yet I’m posting it anyway.  I know that Jamie will see this and know that I have made Braxton a present but he won’t know.

I decided that since I made his sisters the flower hats that he needed a hat also.  Then there was a lot of yarn left so I made him matching socks.  Yes, there is only one sock in the picture but, trust me, I made two.  This picture was taken so I could email it to a friend that had to help me make the heel, she had to email me instructions so I emailed her proof that I did it.

I doubt if my crafts will ever be anything but knitting but maybe in 100 years I’ll learn how to do something else.

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Pets Have Routines Also

Since my life has been so boring lately I thought I would write about my morning routine.

The alarm goes off at 6:00 but I don’t get up until around 6:15.  Once my feet hit the ground I don’t stop until it’s time to go to bed so I allow myself that 15 minutes to wake up.  As soon as my alarm goes off Butterball knows that is his cue to cuddle with me.  This is his choice, not mine.  He requires cuddle time every morning since he is now the only cat in the house.  After 10 minutes or so he is done and then it’s time for me to get up.  Once I get up Rusty has to go outside.  He doesn’t go to the bathroom, he just lies on the porch and makes sure nothing has changed in his yard over the night.  While he is outside I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.  Once I come out of the bathroom Butterball thinks he has to go into the basement, not quite sure why, but he does.  I let him downstairs, make Rusty come in and then I get in the shower.  As soon as I’m done in the shower Butterball is crying to come back upstairs so I have to let him up.  In the summer I just leave the door cracked but in the winter too much cold air comes rushing in with the door open.  For some reason, as soon as I start getting dressed then Rusty thinks that is his cue to go back outside, so outside he goes.  Once I’m finished getting dressed and throwing on some  make-up I run outside to start the van/car to get it warming up while I eat my toast.  Rusty always comes back in with me at this time.  I put the put the bread in the toaster and while it’s toasting I pack my lunch.  Then, when I sit down to eat the toast Rusty and sometime Butterball, surround me so they can share.  They always get the crust and I get the nice buttery bread.

Once I get home in the evening Rusty has to cuddle with me and won’t let me do anything else until he has had enough petting and loving to make him happy.  This is always his choice because if I try to quit too soon he cries.  Once he’s done I’m able to change my clothes but normally Butterball starts crying for his cuddle time before I’m done and can sit back down.  Thank God he is easily distracted and will sometimes let Steve love on him instead OR Steve breaks out the laser pointer and Butterball is entertained.

That is my lovely routine with my “children”.  For these reasons I’m very thankful to have a small house and all the doors are close together or I’d have to get up 1/2 an hour earlier just to pacify my pets.

Have a nice weekend!

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Crafty Tuesday

Ok, it’s Monday and I’m a little bit early but I have time now and what if I don’t have time tomorrow to put my “craftiness” out here.  My craftiness is almost aways knitting and so I’m sharing more knitting, hats I made for Kirsten and Corrine

If you look at them from the top they are supposed to look like a big flower

and here’s my two models wearing their hats

Kirsten wouldn’t smile and Corinne was busy climbing the stairs but at least this way you get a front and back view of them.  I really think Kirsten liked her hat because she wore it around the house most of the afternoon and kept trying to get Corinne to keep her’s on her head.

Were you crafty this week?

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I “met” my neighbor

This morning was my typical weekday morning.  I got up, did the morning routine of getting ready for work and then I tried to leave for work.  My road is a dead-end, dirt road that isn’t very wide.  Yesterday I noticed that we were getting some pretty good size drifts towards the end of the road but I didn’t think much of it because I could get out and in yesterday so I should be able to today.  So, I turn to go down my road and there is a van at the end.  This van is there almost every morning because she drives her children to the end of the road to wait for the school bus and she always leaves barely enough room for me to get by and turn onto the main road.  As I was driving down the road I could see that she was smack in the middle and I was pissed.  So I slowed up and waited to see what she was doing when I realized that she was stuck in the snow. Ho-ly crap!  I got out of the van and walked up see if I could help her and offered to go back to my house to get a shovel to dig her out.  I had to back up my road (about 1/4 mile) grabbed a shovel and my ear muffs and went back to help.  In the meantime she did try to move some of the snow and I thought the woman was going to pass out from 5 minutes of exercise.  I shoveled a little then told her to get in and I’d push.  Her tires were just spinning and it was obvious that there was no way I was going to free this woman.  So, I went back to the house to see if Steve thought we could pull her out with the van but I knew we couldn’t, she needed someone with 4wd.  After I asked him, he confirmed what I thought, back I went only to see that she had left her car and went to her house.  Nice.  I started backing back up the road and along came a little Grand Am and there was no way there were getting around this van so the two of us are now backing back up our road.  Right before I got to my house came a 4wd truck down the road, it was her husband.  She apparently didn’t think to go get her husband with a big truck until I suggested pulling her out???  Well, when I saw that she had him I went back in my house to wait and call work to tell them I was trying to come it.  While we were watching from the house I saw 3 4wd trucks drive up the road and I think all of them stopped to help.  She must have really been stuck because it took them an hour to get her van free.  After they were all out of the way I decided to attempt to get out.  Thank God one of the trucks had a plow on it and cleared a path just wide enough for one car to get thru the drifts and I was able to get out with no problems at all.  If I hadn’t had a 5:00 deadline on something today I would have said “screw it, I’m taking MLK day off too!” but, I have a deadline . . . (see, I’m working on it)

So, after all of that I guess you can say I met my neighbor.  I don’t know her name and I don’t even think she spoke a word to me the entire time I tried to help.  So glad I tried.

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I finally got to meet my newest nephew, Zachary, on Saturday.  He’s 3 weeks old and just a little peanut with peach fuzz for hair.  Adorable!  I was feeding him and he would make these little noises and I just wanted to gobble him up!!!  He is also my newest Godchild, I am the proud Godmother to 5 of my nieces and nephews!  It really is an honor to introduce him to you.

go over to Tracy’s and see what other pictures are out there today.

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Crafty Tuesday

Someone in my department was quite crafty, not I.  We’ve had a leak for months and instead of fixing it, they just put a bigger tub out to catch the water.


if you look, you see that there is money and actual, live fish in theresilly-004.jpg

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