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Leap Day Ramblings

First of all, I have some VERY good news to report.  The good ol’ State Of Michigan is actually going to give us a hand and pay for Steve to go to truck driving school.  I’m not thrilled with him becoming a truck driver, however, there are no jobs in this state so you do what you have to do.  Michigan has a program called “no worker left behind” and Steve qualified for the funding!  He should be able to start his 2 week (unpaid) schooling on March 10th and then start working shortly thereafter.  He should actually have a paycheck by May!  He hasn’t had a paycheck since May 2006 so this is very exciting news!  It’s going to take us a while to get back on our feet but at least we’ll be moving in the right direction.

Today is V-Day.  I had every intention of going to see it this year but I’m sick so I’m just going to go home.  I was actually in the play for 2 years and then it didn’t work in my schedule or something and have gotten out of it.  However, it’s such a good cause and it makes me feel good to know that I am doing something good for others.  The money raised here goes to  local woman’s shelter and the 2 years I did it we were able to give them a check for $5000.  How cool is that!

As I said in the previous paragraph, I’m sick.  It’s all in my neck and up.  My voice is pretty non-existent and I sound like a 14 year old boy going through puberty.  I don’t actually feel that bad, I just sound horrible.  However, I have discovered a product that has been my best friend for the last 2 days, Puffs with Vicks.  OMG, I can just sit here and sniff the box and it makes me feel better.  Whoever invented them should have a statue erected in his/her name, they are that good.

Plans for the weekend include moping my floors and (oh I pray I’m not jinxing this by “saying” it) working on my car.  It only broke down on November 10th and I’m only slightly perturbed with the fact that it’s been sitting there for over 3 months with mice making nests and the brand new tires getting flat spots in them.  I also know that we are now going to have to replace the battery because it’s been sitting so long.  Then again, I’m assuming we can fix it.  With only a couple of hours work we’ll know if we blew the engine or if it’s fixable.  Please pray it’s fixable and we don’t have to replace the engine (see paragraph 1).  I’m beyond ready to have my car back that I love and that gets 33 mpg.


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An Honor?

I found out yesterday that I have been nominated (for the 2nd time) for Distinguished Staff here at work.  Being nominated in itself is an honor.  The thought that someone I work with feels that I go above and beyond in my job and should receive this award is quite flattering.  To me, I’m just doing my job to the level that everyone else should be and it really irritates me when I know that others aren’t.  However, I have a job that I love so I guess it just makes it easy for me.

This is the part of the process that I don’t like and it’s also the part that I feel will always keep me from actually getting the award.  I have to answer these questions for the committee:

1.     How long have you been employed at Ferris State University?  What types of roles have you served while employed at FSU

2.     Describe your current responsibilities and what you like most about your job.

 3.     What part of working with staff and students do you enjoy the most?  Please give examples.

 4.     List additional activities by which your contribution services the University community (committees, task forces, teams, etc.)

5.     List any activities that you currently participate in to provide service to individuals or communities beyond your work at FSU.  (i.e. charities, schools, church, etc.)

 6.     Add any information that you think would be helpful to the Committee in making its decision, such as personal successes, achievements, etc.

 Questions 1 – 3 are reasonable questions, it’s questions 4 and 5 that are my killers.  Question 4, I guess I can list that I attend the hockey games and went to see the Stanley Cup?  Question 5 . . . I live 23 miles out of town, I’m not a “townie” and I don’t do any of that.  The closest I can come up with is that I volunteered with the community theatre last year?

Like I said, I’m very honored to have been nominated but I think they should simply ask this question of me “why do you feel like you deserve this award?”.   That one question seems like a more reasonable question and I could stand a chance at winning if that was all I had to write about.  However, since I don’t kiss butt  in the community and work committees I will not win.  Tell me, what do those questions show on how I do my job?


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Crafty Tuesday

I have attempted to be crafty this week but I don’t have any pictures to show for it.

Last week I told you that you would see updates on my first sweater every week and I did make quite a bit of progress on it.  However, I don’t like it anymore, and bored with knitting it and am thinking about ripping it all out and finding something else to do with the yarn.  It’s still all in tact but my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

To give me something else to do while I think about the sweater I decided to attempt to knit a doilie  for my granny since her birthday is the end of March.  Since I fell last week and the doctor ordered me to rest I had a ton of time to work on it this weekend.  Well, it’s not going so well and I haven’t quite figured out what’s going wrong.  The doilie won’t stay flat and ends up looking more like a hat.  Last night I started my 3rd pattern in hopes that 3rd time’s a charm and this on will turn out.  Hopefully next week I’ll have that to share.

If the doilie fails me then I have a couple of balls off cotton yarn and I’ll knit some dishcloths because mine are really starting to looking dingy and seriously need replaced.

Speaking of which, I’ve knitted dishcloths for many of you that read my blog, how are they holding up?  Do you need new ones?  I’m taking orders.

Oh, and if you can’t tell, I’ve had a ton of time to knit because I did not get a part in The Full Monty. It’s ok.  Auditioning for a play leaves me with mixed emotions, I’m happy to get a part and I’m happy if I don’t.  Now I don’t have to give up my life for the next 2 months and I’m really looking forward to watching it.

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Best Shot Monday

I didn’t take this picture, “Braxton” emailed it to me.  I knitted him a hat and socks a while ago and he just got them this weekend and he wanted to let me know he likes his present.

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My First Trip To The Chiropractor

Doesn’t that sound like it should be an entry in my baby book?

When I fell on Wednesday I could literally feel everything in my body shift when I landed so, after much internal debate, I decided to go get “snap, crackle, popped.”  The internal debate is from watching so many people I know become addicted to the chiropractor and I really don’t want to be one them.  I believe in the chiropractor but I don’t believe that people need to be adjusted on a weekly basis.

The “back cracker” was able to get me in on Friday morning so I called into work and took a sick day (it’s been over a year since I called in sick).  After evaluating me he was able to determine that my shoulder and tail bone were dislodged.  It took him about a dozen times of pounding, ok he didn’t pound but it hurt, on my lower back to get my tail bone back.  After he quit it didn’t hurt anymore but while he was doing it, it really sucked.  Then I was instructed to go home and ice my butt and shoulder over the weekend.  I was also instructed not to do anything, no laundry, no dishes, no housework . . . yeah, right.  I did take it easy but I can’t say that I didn’t do anything because I would have gone insane if I had sat in that chair any more than I did.

While laying on the floor with ice packs on I had a good chance to look at my floor.  Next weekend the mop will be coming out, the floor is really gross right now.

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Winter Blahs

I have them in overdrive right now.  Waking up below 0 every day is putting me in a bad mood every day.  It’s stupid, I know, there is no point in being pissy just because it’s been in the negative for what feels like a year now but I’m tired of it.  Tuesday night I went to see the movie Fools Gold with a friend.  The movie took place in Key West so I’m assuming that’s where it was filmed.  None-the-less, the blue water, warm sun and tanned bodies made me even more sick of winter than I already am.  (the movie itself was alright, pretty good comedy and Matthew McConaughey).  Then the kicker came.  Yesterday morning I was walking to the truck to leave for work and my feet slipped right out from under me on the new snow.  I landed on my right hip and felt every bone/muscle/tendon move on impact and was instantly mad and hurt.  Then I started crying, like crying so hard that the tears wouldn’t even fall.  After a couple of minutes all was fine and I felt better.  Sometimes you just need a good cry to wash out the system.  However, the dreams of waking up to above 0 degree temps have not left and wanting to escape anywhere warm is growing more and more everyday.  *sigh*

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2 Very Special Birthdays Today!!!

My sister, Jamie, managed to have two of her 4 children on the exact. same. day.  Today is Corinne’s 1st birthday and Dominic’s 12th!

I’ll start with Corinne since it is her first!  She is the sweetest little girl and makes Aunt Vic beam every time she sees her.  Being the youngest of 4 her world is full of chaos and she doesn’t even seem to notice, she just rolls with it.   I wish I could spend more time with you but I love every moment we get.  Happy Birthday, Rinney!

Dominic is 12 today!  Holy cow, how did that happen?  I watched him be born and it seems like yesterday.  What an amazing thing for me to witness and I sometimes wonder if that is why I somehow seem closest to him.  Maybe it’s because he and I are exactly alike and everyone agrees that he should have been mine.  It really is scary and I love spending time with him.  He has such goals set for himself and I hope he stays focused on them and can achieve everyone of them.  Dominic, thank you for being you and Happy Birthday!

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