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So, This Is What A Stay At Home Mom Does . . .

. . . gets nothing done!  Today is the end of 3 weeks that I’ve been home on “maternity leave” and I’ve not got much done at all. I managed to dust a couple of days ago but that’s about it.  Oy! Let me back up.

Let’s see, I think I left off telling you that my sister, Mary was getting married on Valentines day.  My plan was that the kids and I were going to go “home” while Steve and the dog stayed home.  Well, Saturday we got some unexpected snow that was heavier the farther South you went.  I got 3 calls from “home” telling me to stay put and I was listening to them.  Traveling with 2 babies in a snow storm just had bad idea written all over it.  After the decision was made, the phone calls were place telling everyone I was staying, Steve decided he would drive me but we’d have to come home that night because of the dog (someday this dog will die and won’t be a PITA anymore).  So we went down, the roads were fine and I should have stuck to my plan but that’s neither here nor there.

Just Zach and I went to the wedding.  Sarah isn’t allowed in public yet because she is a preemie and so susceptible to crud right now so my MIL watched her.  Steve hung out in Lansing because he doesn’t like weddings and won’t go to them.  Whatever.  It was a nice, simple wedding.  She and her new husband, Steve, seem very happy and very much in love.  Did I take pictures?  Nope.  Why?  Well, you see that would require me finding the time to charge the batteries in my camera.  You know, that takes 15 minutes, well, actually about 2 minutes of my time, the rest is the chargers.  Oy!

Sunday I went to take a shower and there was just a trickle of hot water coming out, plenty of cold but no hot.  Steve ended up having to cut a hole in the wall to get the faucet out, found out it was clogged, broke it while taking it out and we had to buy a new one.  Oy!  I’m so glad that since I didn’t marry a rich man I at least married one that is handy to have around (sometimes).  Well, by the time it was all figured out and the parts were bought it was 4:00 and he decided to wait until Monday to fix it.  Ok, what’s one day without a shower.

Monday Steve had the stomach flu and could not fix the shower.  UGH!  He tried but just couldn’t do it and spent the day in bed.  I washed my hair in the kitchen sink and called it good.

Tuesday Sarah had a pediatrician’s appointment to get a shot that helps to prevent her from getting RSV.  They only give this shot to “high risk” babies and you really have to “qualify” to get it because the shot is so expensive.  The one shot was $922 and she has to get it 3 more times.  For some reason the shot only lasts a month and you have to get it again.  Thank God for insurance!  However, like the nurse said, if she did get RSV and was hospitalized it would cost the insurance company a whole lot more than $4000 so it’s worth it to them.  I also had to go to work and get my FMLA all finalized for my maternity leave.  Take note, it’s now Tuesday and I haven’t showered since Saturday, I was not thrilled about going into the office but I had to get this done.  While we were in town we went to Menards and bought a new kitchen cabinet.  Suddenly I’m feeling the need for more storage will bottles, sippie cups and plastic plates that we didn’t need a year ago.  Again, I wish I had 2 minutes to charge my batteries because I would have loved to have gotten a picture of Zach “driving” the car cart at Menards.  He thought he was something up there “driving” us around and he sure was getting the comments from customers and workers.  By the time we got home Steve decided to just wait until the next day to fix the shower.  UGH!

Wednesday I took Zach to daycare.  I think he needed a break from us and I am seriously needing to get something done around the house.  I dropped him off, explained to her that I look horrid because I haven’t showered in what felt like a year but *hopefully* will be clean when I picked him up that evening.  Steve worked all day on the shower and I dusted and cleaned floors.  Wow, that’s all I got done!  He was just turning the water back on when I had to leave to go get Zach.  We must have been in pretty bad shape because she gave Zach a bath while he was there.  Bless her.  Well, she said her daughter woke up, had peed the bed and she had to give her a bath anyway  and Zach won’t stay out of the bathroom (no lie) so she just put him in with her.  I have no problem with that, her daughter is 3.  If we end up keeping Sarah the 2 of them with bathe together also.  Anyway, when I got home I got to shower!!!  This thing came with WORST shower head but I did’t care, I was able to wash the grime off my body.

Yesterday Steve left for a few hours so it was just me and the kids, I got nothing done 🙂

Today we took Zach back to daycare.  I’m not just sending him there so I can get something done, I’m also keeping him used to it so he doesn’t go 6 weeks without going and then have issues when he has to go  back.  Plus, this way he can play with his friends and not get so bored with us old folks.  Besides, it gives me a chance to get something done and he can terrorize her house a while 🙂  Steve and I did our taxes (we might be able to have dinner out or buy a few groceries, thankyouverymuch IRS) at Biggby Coffee since we are on dial-up here.  We came home and I went to Family Dollar to see if I could find a new shower caddy and they didn’t have anything.  When I got back Steve had the new cabinet hung in the kitchen so now I have my whole kitchen to rearrange!  It’s amazing what 30 inches of cabinet can inspire me to do! tomorrow.  I also am cleaning up from not having a shower for a week.

So now I’m down to the last half of my maternity leave and I’m devoted to getting stuff done.  Zach is going to daycare on Tuesday and Thursday next week.  Tuesday I”m cleaning the basement and Thursday I”ll clean the loft.  You see, I have to clean the basement first so I can haul 1/2 the stuff in the loft to the basement.  It’s time to get organinzed and try to utilize every little inch we have in this house.  Wish me luck!


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We’re All Still Alive

I think that’s saying alot considering how terrified I was of this little girl when I brought her home 1 1/2 weeks ago. So far, so good. My mom says I should get the foster mother of the year award because Sarah is doing so well. Are you ready for this, she has gained a pound since bringing her home. A pound! She still doesn’t weigh 6 pounds but I can tell how much bigger she is and I see her every day. Also, how can someone that doesn’t weigh 6 pounds have a double chin? No clue, but she does. I guess the fact that I’m completely worn out means I’m doing a good job. This getting up every 3 hours is for the birds 🙂 Actually, she starts eating every 3 hours, we need at least 1/2 an hour in there to feed her.

I type that as I’m waiting for her to wake up so that I can feed her and go to bed myself. It’s now be 3.5 hours since she last ate, why can’t she have these little bursts between midnight and 5 am?

Zach has yet another double ear infection and I convinced the doctor that since this is our 5th round of antibiotics that maybe we should see and ENT and possibly get tubes in his ears. We meet with him in 10 days and hopefully Zach’s ear infection days are coming to an end. Steve and I are also wondering how well he hears. He’s 13 months old and doesn’t really talk yet, it could be that he’s only 13 months old but it still seems like he should be saying more than “mom” “dad” and “bye”.

I’ll be heading “home” tomorrow. My sister, Mary, is getting married so Zach and I will be there. Sarah is going to stay with my mother in law. Trust me, Sarah is much easier to watch than Zach, she’s getting the better end of the deal. Steve will be staying here because we can’t take the dog with us anymore. Needless to say, I have a car full of car seats. Matter of fact, we even have to partially disassemble the double stroller to get it in the trunk. If we end up keeping Sarah I see a bigger car in our future.

We’re all doing well. Zach is being a great big brother who likes to pay alot of attention to Sarah when she’s eating but no other time. He does push her bassinet around like a walker and that makes me a tad nervous but nothing tragic has happened yet.

Oh, I think I heard a squirm. Let’s hope so, I’m ready for a 2 hour nap!

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A Couple Of Pictures

My dial-up is so slow I can’t get these into my Flickr account but hopefully this will work.



Little Sarah

Little Sarah

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Sister Sarah

Zach’s little sister, Sarah, came home from the hospital on Monday. The hospital called my office at 8:00 Monday morning and said “she’s free to go today” and I yelled back “TODAY”. I was just there all weekend and I thought I had at least until Tuesday to get the ends tied up at the office. Well, we scrambled and I was out of there a little after 1:00, picked up Zach from daycare, ran home and put the infant car seat in the car and were on our merry way back to Lansing to get LITTLE Sarah. She weighed 4 pounds 9 ounces when we brought her home and was up to 4 pounds 10 ounces the next day when she went for her first pediatricians appointment.

For the most part she’s really easy to take care of, the worst part is having to feed her every 3 hours around the clock. The midnight and 3:00 feedings are hard on me but last night seemed a little bit easier so maybe I’m getting used to it? We’re not allowed to really hold her which is good for me, that means I’m not just sitting around holding her 🙂 The nurse explained it to me this was: Yes it’s important that she be held but holding her stimulates her which causes her to burn calories and she doesn’t have any calories to burn. I’m to do everything at once; change diaper, change clothes, feed her, hold her until she falls asleep but then put her down until the next time. She sleeps probably 22 hours a day but she is a squirmer. When I check her she’s out of her blanket with an arm out of her nightgown half the time. She swims in all of her clothes except for the preemie outfits she has. I’m trying to leave her in nightgowns at the house because they are so much easier but she really does swim in them.

Zach is very curious about her and tries to help me. He’ll whip her bottle out of her mouth then try to put it back in. He tries to help me burp her by slapping her in the head or he’ll try to put her burp cloth under her chin and about crush her windpipe while doing so. Oh yes, he’s a good helper. The poor girl is probably traumatized.

Steve and Zach are both gone for most of the day today and I’m really happy about that (it doesn’t make me a bad person, does it). I just really feel like I’m getting a day to catch up, put laundry away, clean the bathroom and maybe even . . . take a nap.

I’ll take and post pictures soon but don’t expect many, remember, I’m on dial-up for the next 6 weeks.

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