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I Hate Dial-UP!

Well, I popped into work to try and do a couple of things before I come back in 10 days so I’m not so bombarded then. I have Sarah and for some reason she is awake and not being very cooperative. Anyway, I did upload some pictures to my flickr account so if you click on the pictures to the right you can see some updated pictures of “the kids”.

See you soon!!!


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Need To Get Out Of The House!

I have been in this house since Monday.  Monday morning I took Sarah to the doctor, checked in at the office, ran into the grocery store and have been in this house ever since!  On Thursday I did take the trash to the road but that’s it and I seriously need to leave.  There is nothing wrong with my house but this is something I’m not at all used to.  Normally my days have me gone from here 11 hours each day but not lately.  I was thinking that maybe tomorrow I would leave, go to the office (I know, exciting) and clean out some of my email since it hasn’t been checked in 5 weeks! (and watch the last few hours of the Bachelor).  However, my car is in the garage so unless Steve gets that done first thing tomorrow I guess I’m here again tomorrow.

However, I still have 3 weeks off work so I can go shopping on a week day when the stores are less crowded.  Yes, you read that right, I still have 3 weeks.  I was going to go back after next week but after this past week I decided it will be better for me to take a couple more weeks off.  The big court date for Sarah is on the 26th and focus is out of the question for me until then.  Thank God I work with such understanding people.  Also, I guess this is why I haven’t gotten sick or taken a vacation since starting my job in 1999 because I had enough sick and vacation time built up that I am able to take 2 months off paid.  Of course, this takes me down to not much left for sick or vacation but if I haven’t vacationed in 10 years I guess we won’t be doing it anytime soon anyway.  This is much more important anyway, it’s just a two month “vacation” at home.

Since I’m home for 3 more weeks I have more projects I want done.  Oh, I did work in the basment last week, it’s not clean but that will require a major over-haul for that to happen.  Now, we can walk through it and I’m almost happy with that.  My goal is to have space in the basment to store all the crap really nice stuff that’s currently in my loft down there instead of up there.  I want the loft to be the really cool room it’s supposed to be and not a junk room.  After that I want to paint the downstairs bedroom.  That room is Zach’s room (hopefully to be the kids’ room) but it’s needed painted for years.  We did a drywall repair in there and the room still isn’t painted.  Actually, the whole house needs repainted but thats not happening any time soon.

Besides being completely insane around here things are going well.  I’m kinda getting into a routine for being a stay at home mom.  I’ve actually gotten a few things done with both the kids at home, including taking a shower, that was a plus.  I’ll probably really start to get into the swing of it all on March 30th, when I return to the office.    I’m already freaking out about going back to work but millions of people do it and I can to.

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On The Charts!

Sarah had to go to the doctor’s office today and she is finally on the charts! When we brought her home she weighed 4 lbs 9 ozs and was 18 inches long. Today she weighed 6 lbs 15 ozs and is 21 inches long. That puts her at the 30th percentile for length and the 2nd% for weight. She finally made it on the charts! Of course, when you think about it, her due date was March 8th so technically she isn’t even here yet 🙂

Looks like we might have to battle a little bit to get to keep Miss Sarah but I think it’s a battle I can win, keep your fingers crossed.

On another note, the basement WILL BE tackled tomorrow so I can tackle the loft on Thursday. Wish me luck that I actually make it down the stairs tomorrow to do this!

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2/3 Over

My “vacation” is officially 2/3 of the way over. UGH! Panic is starting to hit because I still have barely touched any of the projects I thought for sure I’d get done.  The basement still isn’t touched which means the loft still isn’t touched and I’m down to 2 weeks.  You would think that since I’m up about 20 hours a day that I could get everything done, but I guess that just proves that there really are “not enough hours in the day.”  I’m starting to think I’m going to have to tackle my projects in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep but I really don’t see myself doing that 🙂  Those few hours of sleep I do get every night are very precious to me.  Two nights ago I only got 3 hours of sleep after only getting 5 the night before, my eyes were literally bloodshot.  Last night I got about 6 hours of sleep total and I felt like a new woman today.  Man, if I ever get 8 hours in a row again I think my system will go into shock!

However, it looks like I better get used to this because it looks like Sarah is here for a while longer.  Since this is so public I won’t get into any details (email or call me if you want them) but the court ordered on Thursday that she stay with me until they go to court again next month.  I knew the next 30 days were going to be interesting and they already are.  Again, no details, but there is a possiblility that the parents might sign her over to me.  It might take a bit of a battle (which means Sarah stays here longer) but it might happen.  I’m not getting excited yet, I’m just thinking of more permanance here.  Until now all of her things have been in baskets and nothing actually put away.  I put things away today.  She’s sleeping in her basinett every night, I probably should start thinking about a crib.  Things like that are crossing my mind.  This is a tiny house and I seriously have to get cracking to get organized so that I don’t go insane from the insanity.  You know, I bet there are websites out there that would give me some great pointers for making the most of my small space … just thinking out loud there.

Sarah is doing wonderfully and growing like a week.  On Thursday she weighed 6.6 pounds! up from a solid 6.0 on Monday.  She’ll get weighed again tomorrow and I bet she is knocking on the 7 pound door.  Zach is being a great big brother, when he’s not trying to kill her.  Ok, he’s not trying to kill her, well, intentionally, but when he wants to share a book he’ll slap her in the head with it.  Or, he might want to show me her eye, or shove his finger clear down her throat.  However, when I say “we love Sister, give her a kiss” he will kiss her very softly on top of her head or her face.  He also helps the swing rock her.  He likes to push the buttons on the swing so next thing I know the music is cranked and her swing is moving just as fast.  Then he’ll stop her and steal her pacifier.  Oy!  We’re still working on “be nice”.

I’m seriously considering staying off work for a couple of weeks longer than currently planned but if I do that my vacation and sick time will be seriously dwindled!  I’m just thinking that I may not fuction the best at work on 3 hours sleep.  Also, I have no clue how I”m going to go back.  At the rate we get ready around here I’m going to have to get up about 3:00 to be out the door at 7:10 every day.  Ok, maybe not that bad, but no later than 5:00.  We don’t have a routine yet and I need to get one in 2 weeks, that’s too short of time!  Plus, what if this custody battle gets ugly and I need to go to court . . . all these fun things to think about.

Back to Zach.  He is getting tubes in his ears next week.  He’s had his ear infection since November, it’s time.  We’re hoping that maybe once he gets them in maybe his speech will be more clear and maybe he’ll be brave enough to walk.  He is talking, we just really have to know what he’s saying to know what he’s saying.  He does do a great job of communicating when he wants something.  He will point and nod his head if we figure it out.  Like if he points to the kitchen and I say “do you want bites” and he’ll nod.  When he sees a banana he’ll say “bnan” and throw a fit if he doesn’t get it.

Ok, little one is stirring.  Time to feed her and then hopefully get 3 hours of sleep before we do it again.

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