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Grand Slam Dominic!

Saturday we went “home” because Dominic had a double-header in baseball.  We only went to the second game but we chose the right one to go to.  In that second game Dominic got a GRAND SLAM and then after we left he got a homerun!  I’m very proud of you Dominic, you excel at everything from schoolwork, to sports, to just being a nice guy to hang out with.

(he refuses to smile in sports pictures)


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Happy 1/2 Birthday

On 6/30/08 Zachary is 6 months old.  On 7/01/08 he gets shots but we don’t want to think about that, EVER. 

Happy 1/2 Birthday my little stinkbug!

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Where Does It Come From?

How does a very little person, Zach, create so much laundry.  I have done laundry every.single.day since getting him.  He’s only —> <— this big, it takes 12 of his outfits to make one of my shirts but we have a ton of laundry.  I guess I can “blame” it on the fact that everything he’s gotten I’ve wanted to wash before putting it on his body so that should start slowing down now.  As far as I know there are no more clothes coming.  Well, that’s not true, Steve’s family has yet to meet him and Uncle Bill has already said he has to go to Ann Arbor to get him a Michigan outfit.  That’s fine by me.  I just know that I better have a Redwings outfit on him when his daddy gets to come home to meet him.  (remember, Steve’s a truck driver now, I am also a single mom)

Today I met with the person that will be his daycare provider.  She seemed very nice, her house was very clean and I like that the kids stay busy and that the TV rarely comes on  . . . says’ she that turned the Wizard of Oz on for him to wind down to tonight.  We have Baby Einstein, it doesn’t capture him.  While we were watching Oz I thought of something that thrilled me, I get to watch Christmas cartoons again and Steve can’t make fun of me!!!!!  Woo Hoo, bring on the Grinch, Charlie Brown, Rudolph, I can’t wait . . . well, yes I can but you know.

All in all things are going well.  My only complaint is that he won’t nap and that is killing me.  He’ll power nap for 30 minutes, be great for an hour and then is grouchy until you get him back to sleep for another 30 minute  power nap.  Repeat.  One day I got him to take 2 two hour naps but he had to be laying on top of me in the chair.  Can’t really be productive with a baby sleeping on top of you.  Any suggestions on how to make a 6 month old nap would be greatly appreciated.

I supposed I should sleep while baby sleeps, isn’t that the rule?  I’ll check back in tomorrow.

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Bath Time

Again, please forgive me because this will probably be more of a photo blog until I get back to work after the 4th of July.  Maybe once I get a better routine at home I’ll be able to blog more but not. right. now.

Kimmer asked a good question and I realized after I posted my last entry that I forgot to tell you how old he is.  Zach is almost 6 months old, less than a week to go and we’ll have to celebrate his 1/2 birthday!  He also weights approximately 18 pounds.  That’s what his birthmom told me but I haven’t double checked.  His medical card is in the mail and I plan to have him at the doctor’s office while I’m off.

In the meantime, here he is right after his bath this morning and right before a 2 hour nap!  That is amazing because he normally just power naps so a 2 hour nap this morning was heaven!

(I’m realizing that I need to upgrade my flickr account!)

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The Greatest Gift Of All

I must apologize because I know I have been the world’s worst blogger this week.  I haven’t written in my own, nor have I read anyone else’s.  However, in my defense, I do think that I have the best excuse there is to have

I’m a mommy.

Yes, you read that correctly, I’m a mommy.  Because blogs are so public I won’t disclose all the details of how this came about but I will give you the most important details.

First of all, I had no idea that when I woke up last Sunday morning I would be a parent at the end of the day, this all literally happened that quickly.  I was approached by the birthmom and asked to take the baby home with me for a couple of weeks while she tried to figure out her life.  Of course I did.  On Monday she called me and said that the courts were going to take away her custody on Tuesday, would I be willing to have temporary custoday assigned to me.  Of course I did.  Tuesday, on my way to court in Lansing, she called my cell phone and said she’d been thinking it over and knows she can’t raise this little boy and wants Steve and I to adopt him!

As of right now I am the foster mother but, by this time next year (hopefully) the adoption will be complete.  Right now that is just a piece of paper to me, I have him, he’s in my home and getting the love he needs.

My friends, family and co-workers have been unbelievable!  You would never know that I on Sunday I came home with a diaper bag, 2 bottles, a car seat and a baby.  Right now there is not a corner in my house that doesn’t reflect that there is a baby.  There are toys everywhere, a swing, bounceroo, Baby Einstein DVDs, clothes, a crib . . . you name it there’s a good chance I have it and it’s all been given to me.  It’s amazing.

It is now, my honor, to introduce to you . . . Zachary!  He’s the little man that rocked my world and literally changed “life as I know it”.


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Ready For Trip #2

The car is loaded and I’m headed to the recycling center for the 2nd time today.  I ended up with one hodge-podge box that I will have to sort once I get there because there was just a little of this and a little of that.  Carrie was right, chipboard is my #1 thing I have to take, it’s amazing.  Now I have to learn my plastics better.  This place only take #1 and #2 plastics and they have a rule about colors but I don’t remember it anymore so I might end up bringing things home.  I know they don’t take black plastic but I have a couple of green bottles (shampoo) that I don’t remember if they’ll take or not.  Also, I need to learn things like frozen veggies, what number are those plastic bags?  Seems like someone (Carrie) told me what number bread bags and the bag the newspaper comes in.  I feel like I’m still throwing away more than I should be.

Kudos to Steve, I didn’t think he’d do the recycle thing while he was home last week but he fully cooperated.  He’d go to toss something and say “Is this where the cardboard goes?”  Isn’t it obvious?

My green cleaning is going really well.  I’m washing my clothes in baking soda with vinegar in the rinse.  Except for last weekend, because it was raining, nothing has seen the dryer in over a month, everything has gone on the line.  All of my cleaning supplies have been switched over to vinegar/water/tea tree oil.  I even refilled my Clorox Ready Mop with that mix.  Now I’m going to find the knitting pattern and knit my own covers for that so I can wash and reuse those (must buy some plain cotton yarn and not the cute stuff I already have).  It’s all very exciting and it makes me feel good to know I’m doing a little something.

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So It’s Been A Week . . .

Sorry I’ve been a complete slacker lately.  Steve was home last week so I took Thursday and Friday off just to spend time with him and since we connect at a whopping 26K (on a good day) at my house the internet is not something I do there.

Basically I was a complete slacker at everything last week.  Since Steve was home I just wanted to spend every moment I could with him, even if it was just sitting there watching Prison Break as opposed to doing anything else.  It was so nice to get to spend time together, I know those days are going to be few and far apart over the next year or so and it really makes you appreciate those moments more.  Of course when he left I tried to remind myself of the “good things” about being “single” so it would make him leaving be a little easier.  Like, he wasn’t home 10 minutes and I had already picked up after him 3 times, little things like that.  However, the house sure is quiet when he’s gone.

He left Sunday afternoon, just as a tornado was in our neighborhood.   Seriously, we had a tornado, actually 2 of them this weekend.  He was down at his uncle’s hooking the trailer back up to the truck when he called me to say “get in the basement, I’m sitting in a tornado right now”.  He was sitting in his semi and it was rocking, he knows that if he had been pointing north/south instead of east/west it would have flipped.  I went out yesterday to clean up some of the damage at my place (all structures are fine) and realized that we lost 3 trees.  I knew the one was down because it was partially blocking our road but I found the other 2 while walking around.

This is the one that blocked the road.  See where it broke off

This one is in my side yard and you can see in the 2nd picture that it had more trees trapped under it

This one is behind the house


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