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W.O.W. Weekly Check-In

Today is Thursday, that means I had to get on the dreaded scales.  At least this week there was a little progress and it showed me down .6 pounds.  Hey, that’s over 2 sticks of butter so that’s not bad (that was more for me, not you, I have to look at it in sticks of butter to realize that it really is progress).  Mom thinks I need to start writing down everything I eat and that’s not overly exciting for me, however, it’s probably a good idea.  Today this website was brought to my attention.  I haven’t had time to explore it but I will.  Yesterday I learned about this one so I need to compare the two and see if either will work for me.  My goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of the 15 weeks, 15 pounds would be great but I’m trying to be realistic.  So far I’m down 3.8 in 4 weeks, at this rate I should reach my goal it just feels really slow going.

Yesterday I walked downtown and back (for lunch, a wonderful salad) and then I rode the bike 6 miles when I got home.  For once I actually got the wind right, it was in my face for the first 3 miles and then pushed me home for the last 3.  For once I still felt good when I got home so either I’m in better shape or the wind really did help me.  It’s all good.


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14 Blissful Years

Ok, so maybe they haven’t all been blissful but today is my 14th wedding anniversary.  I swear I’m not old enough to have been married 14 years but that little piece of paper tells me other wise.  Actually, that little piece of paper is missing, we needed it a few months ago I thought I knew exactly where it was, not there, has yet to show up.  Ok, this very obviously early 90’s style wedding ring I wear (and love) says I’m old enough to be married 14 years.

Steve and I are polar opposites but somehow we work.  I can’t explain it, we have nothing in common but we get along great (except for the times I want to kill him).  When we first started dating his friends called us Sam and Dianne, you know, from Cheers.  Neither of are like either of those two characters but we are equally opposite.  None the less, I love him with my whole heart and look forward to 100 more year together.

He’s been gone for 5.5 weeks for training for his new job (the secret to a happy marriage, ship them off for 6 weeks at a time) and he found out today that he passed all of his tests and is now waiting to be assigned his own truck.  Once he gets his truck they’ll start working him back to Michigan!  He should be home in a week or less!!!!  What a great anniversary present!  I am very proud of him, he has accomplished so much in the past few months.  Good job, honey!

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Crafty Tuesday ~ The Garden

Ok, I’m not quite sure that gardening is considered crafty but it’s the best I’ve got to offer.

It’s been really cold so this was my first opportunity to plant my “garden” and my flowers.  Of course now we have have freeze warnings for tonight so I have to cover everything up tonight.  GRRRRR!

Here are my veggie “gardens”.  These used to be flower beds but I’ve converted them over to veggies.  We’ll see how it works, I’m not sure I get enough sunshine but only time will tell.   One the right side there will eventually be green beans (hopefully!)  On the left are 5 tomato plants, 3 regular and 2 cherry.

This is the other side of the sidewalk.  The purpose of the wire is so that my cucumbers, zucchini and squash will climb it and not just spread out all over the ground (well see if this works).  The rest are pepper plants: green, red and chocolate.  I’ve never had chocolate peppers before but it says they are sweet so it’s worth a shot.

Finally, my flower beds are in pretty good shape.

(I really should remove that gray box off my house since it’s for my satellite TV that we don’t have anymore)

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BSM ~ The Rough Life

Just a few minutes ago I was dusting, turned around and saw this (sorry, I was afraid to adjust the blind and scare one away)  Yes, all of my critters have it rough around here.  It also tells me that the two cats are going to do just fine living in the same house.  Oh!  Butterball is on top, Clifford on the bottom.

I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day (and not doing housework like I am)

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A Couple Of Firsts

Yesterday was my first trip to recycling!!!  I didn’t bring everything with me, just enough so that I could explore how this whole thing works.  The people were very helpful, well, most of them and would show me which cardboard was which and what plastics go where.  After a few more trips I’m sure I’ll have it down.  It was a relief to find out that I do not have to remove the labels and crush my cans.  Now my challenge is figures out the difference between office paper and junk mail, aren’t they all basically the same thing?

I also stopped at the feed mill and picked up 50 pounds of baking soda, my second first.  The woman looked at me like I just stepped off and alien spaceship when I asked for it.  I must not look like a farm girl looking for baking soda for her animals.  They kindly loaded the bag into my trunk for me and I was on my way.  Now I have to find containers for all that and individual containers individual purposes (like a shaker for shaking it on counters and bath tubs).

After that I went to Walmart to pick up a spray bottle, a gas can and a big thing of white vinegar.  Quite the combo, huh.  The spray bottle and vinegar were for my “going green(er)” efforts and the gas can was for the lawn mower.  The price of gas might have me going green(er) there also and I might just buy a reel mower, this is insane.

The gas can was another first for me yesterday.  I have never had a gas can fight me and this one did.  Obviously I am not smart enough to use a gas can because I made a ton of stupid mistakes (oh, there a cap over the end, duh) that caused me to to get covered in gas several times while trying to pour the gas into the lawn mower.  Then, once the gas was in I started up the mower, hopped on and started driving it to the lawn, this prompted my next first.

It didn’t take long to figure out that both back wheels were flat on the mower.  ARGH!  I don’t know how to run the air compressor (I didn’t mention that I had to charge the battery last week so I had to hook it up to the charger only to discover that we didn’t have gas).  I called Steve and he was driving past St. Louis so he really couldn’t talk at that minute.  My dad wasn’t home, Uncle Don wasn’t home so it was up to me to figure this out.  Ok.  It obviously had the wrong fitting on it and Steve as able to talk to me long enough to tell me where to find the correct one.  So, I found it and did manage to figure out how to change it.  Then I was standing there, staring at the air compressor, searching for and on/off switch when Steve called me back.  There isn’t an on/off switch, I had a lever I had to move that caused the hose to fill with air and then it would kick on automatically if the compressor needed more air.  Now I know.  So I filled the tires and managed to mow the lawn without any issues at that point.  By the time I got in the house and started dinner it was going on 8:00.  Insane.

Gas just went up to $4.20 a gallon here, looks like my booty is staying home this weekend (shhh! I hope it keeps my weekender neighbors home too)

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W.O.W. Week 3 Update

I had to weigh in this morning and I stayed exactly the same.  Exactly.  Better than gaining, right?   Time to focus on my goals so I actually go down next week and I think it comes down to the basics:  portion control and move more.  We’re supposed to have a beautiful weekend (finally!) and that is going to make it easier to move.  My goal is to make it up to 10 miles on the bike this weekend, currently I’m riding 6.  The weekends are also easier because I like to work out in the morning and that doesn’t happen when I have to come to work.

As for portion control, I’m trying to follow the “rules” better and break myself of my bad habits.  My whole life I’ve always had to do something while I’m eating.  I remember that I when I was eating breakfast I would always have the cereal box in front of me and I’d read it while I ate.  Now I do the same thing: read a magazine, watch TV, etc.  I’ve never paid attention to what is going in and next thing you know the food is gone and I didn’t even realize that I had taken a bite.  Now I’m making a conscious effort to turn off the TV, not pick up a magazine or anything and sit at my table and pay attention to my food.  I’m not really sure if it’s helping, I just started this a couple days ago.

I’m still open for suggestions.

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Crafty Tuesday has been harder for me since adopting Clifford.  He is a massive snuggler and thinks that whenever I sit that means he has to be on my lap.  That makes knitting tricky.   Sometime he will just lie there nicely but most of the time he’s fighting with the yarn.  Sorry, not a great picture here but it was a hard shot to get.

When I was uploading this picture I realized I still had pictures from Mother’s Day on my camera.

Kirsten and Braxton working on a puzzle

Maybe cousin Ben can help us out

Ta-DA!  Done!

In the meantime, Corinne was sampling the crayons.  Yum!

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