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Good Morning, Sunflower!

For the past 7 years I have driven past this farm every day on my way to work and every summer they have this wonderful field of sunflowers. I’m not quite sure why the plant them, they don’t even point in the direction of their house (sunflowers always point to the east) but every year the sunflowers are back. It’s something I really look forward to. I’ve been watching them open the past couple of weeks and now they are pretty much all in bloom and will stay that way for about a month. For the next month I get to look forward to my drive IN to work.

So, to whomever it is that owns this farm, thank you for giving me this simple pleasure that I look forward to every year!


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Yesterday was a very scary day, my granny had 2 heart attacks.  The Lord really must have been watching over her because all the stars aligned and she’s alive.  Matter of fact, her vitals today are “perfect” and she might even be moved out of the ICU today.

Yesterday is such a blur.  Jamie called me at 8:45 to tell me they took her to the hospital by ambulance.  By 9:05 I was showered and out the door.  I wasn’t 5 miles up the road when she called to say that it was indeed a heart attack.  About 30 miles later my dad called to tell me they were taking her in for surgery and she was very weak.  Then when I was just getting to Lansing he called to tell me she was out of surgery and everything went great.  I got to the hospital just as they were taking her to her room.

While I was driving (and a little beforehand) this was going on:  Granny called mom to tell her she wasn’t feeling well and mom was going to take her to the doctor.  After she hung up with my parents my Aunt Jean called her and decided to come over and find out what was going on because she could tell how weak granny was.  Jean beat my mom there and the minute she walked in the door and took a look at granny she called 911.  Thank God because the EMT got there and granny had her first heart attack in the ambulance.  They had to shock her to bring her back. I’ve since learned that only 5% of the people that they shock actually come back.  On the way to the hospital she had another heart attack and they had to shock her again.  When they got her to the hospital they took her right in for surgery.  They found a clogged artery and was able to put two stints in it to open it up.  I guess that’s another thing that God they moved quickly because after a heart attack the blockage can get really stiff and they can’t put the stint in.  They had no problems and the clog is gone.  The doctor showed me the video of the surgery when I got there , amazing!

When I got to visit with granny we told her that she died, twice.  She let us know that she didn’t see any bright lights like they say you do.  I asked her if Grandpa was there and she said “NO!” like she hadn’t thought about it but now that she had she was pissed at him for not being there.  Love her!

I’m very thankful to have my granny with me still.  I know that someday I will bury her but I’m simply not ready to do that.  She’s only 74 and I expect to get at least 10 – 30 more years with her!  The way she came through yesterday I think it might be closer to 30, I sure hope so.  I love that old coot!

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The Surgery Didn’t Work

Steve’s knee is worse now than before the surgery. He is soooo pissy that I can’t hardly stand to be around him. Well, I had a little chit-chat with him the other night because he was so grouchy I thought I was going to kill him. I basically said that I know he hurts and he has every right to be pissed off but making me miserable is not going to make his life any better so suck it up and deal with it. He’s better now, not great, but better. He went to the doctor yesterday and they think there is a piece of cartilage floating around in there but they want to do an MRI and then they’ll go back in to fix it. In the meantime, they have his knee in an immobilizer which means he can’t bend it. This thing is removable but he’s supposed to wear it 24/7. It’s his right leg so that means he can’t drive so he’s stuck at the house 24/7 also. Lord help me not kill him because I know he’s going insane. I understand he is, I would be also.  (and we don’t have TV)

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So I have 7 minutes before I can blow the Popsicle stand so I’ll share a few more pictures of Kunitz and the Cup!

This is what we saw at 4:30 in the morning.  The only people that beat us there and they had been there since midnight.

All for this moment

Kunitz and the cup

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Thank You, Chris Kunitz!

Wow, what a day! (and it’s only 1:00)  Today was a day that Steve has been waiting for since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.  Today we got to see Lord Stanley’s Cup!  I would like to thank Chris Kunitz for sharing his day and coming to Big Rapids with the cup.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime for most of us and we are in debt to him for allowing it.

Our day started at 3:00 a.m. when the alarm went off.  Since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity we didn’t want to risk missing it.  We arrived at the ice arena at 4:30 and found 10 people that had been camping out there since midnight.  If that one group of people hadn’t beat us we would have been first in line.  Oh well.  This was an older sister who brought her younger brother and his 8 best friends, she was very brave.  All the kids were on average of 12 years old and this was probably their first “all nighter”.  What an experience.  After we got there people started showing up but not in near the amounts we expected.  At  8:30 the doors opened, at 9:30 the ceremony began with Kunitz coming out with the Cup hoisted over his head.  I thought Steve was going to cry.  He kept saying “there it is” in complete awe.  It was pretty darn awesome.

After the ceremony we had our choice of either getting an autograph or your picture with the cup, that’s what we choose.  He had 1 1/2 hours to get all this done and get out of there so he could catch a plane and go to Ragina (sp?) and celebrate with his hometown tonight so they were running us through the picture line like cattle.  It was worth it.  Tomorrow I’ll have more pictures but this is what I have to share with you right now.

3:00 a.m. alarm, wait in line for 4 hours just to get in the door, wait another hour, see a 15 minute ceremony, wait in line another hour. . . . all for this.  Yes, it was worth it.  Thank you, Chris!


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What To Do With A Zucchini?

Yesterday I had this gigantic zucchini given to me.  Any suggestions what to do with it?  I took the picture on my stove so you would get an idea of how large this sucker is.

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Wickedly Wonderful

Wicked was everything I had hoped for and more!  I really had high expectations for this show and it met all of them.  I can’t think of any flaws and believe me, I was looking.  I had also prepared myself for the fact that the voices were not going to be the same as the ones on the soundtrack I’ve listened to forever but they really weren’t that much different.  It was so nice to see the show and have everything tied together.  It was simply the most perfect performance I’ve ever seen and would love to see it again.

Now I have to buy the book.  I’ve heard you can’t read the book before you see the musical because the book is better (just like the movies).  So, I’m off to half.com to see what I can get the book for!!!

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