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Going Green(er)

I can’t say I’m completely going green but I am making my effort of going greener.  For the past several weeks, I really don’t know how long, probably on and off for years, I’ve wanted to recycle.  There is always that excuse of “I don’t have time” or “Who has the space”.  Well, Sunday as I was bagging my trash and right on top were 3 cans that could easily be recycled I decided I was doing it.  I moved a couple of things around in my “dining” room and drug up some boxes from the basement and started my recycling area.  I still have 1,000,001 things to learn about this, including learning exactly where the recycling center is, but I’m on my way.  I have no clue how many boxes I’ll need or exactly how to sort or even what I can sort but I’m going to learn.  It can’t be that hard, right?  I have a box for cans, a box for junk mail (I’m not sure what all can qualify there, like colored paper?), one for newspaper (but now I know they want that in a paper bag . . must get a paper bag) one for cardboard and one for plastic.  Plastic is another challenge.  I started paying attention to my containers and didn’t realize that everything isn’t a #2.  My cottage cheese container was a #5 and my Miracle Whip is a #1, can those be recycled?  What about the plastic bag that my bread comes in, can that?  Or, if I make a cake, I can break down the cardboard box but what about the plastic bag inside the box?

Yes, I have tons to learn about this but I’m sure it won’t be hard to find information on the internet.  Finding time to get online is the problem now but it won’t be for long.  In two weeks I will be bored out of my skull at work and will have plenty of time to research all of this.  In the meantime, any pointers  you might have will be more than welcome.

Oh, I’m also going to start using better Earth friendly products and want to start learning maybe about how to make my own products.  Ok, that might be stretching it, but I do want to use better things.  As I was cleaning, again, on Sunday, I realize that my stuff is getting low and next time I have to buy supplies I’m going to pay attention.  Maybe this will give me an excuse to travel the 45 miles to Target and try some of their Method products.  However, it’s not being very “green” of me to use that much gas just to shop at Target.  However, Mother’s Day is in 2 weeks so I’ll be in the area anyway . . . see where I’m going with this?

I also want to start trying more organic foods.  Some things aren’t really that much more expensive and I would think it would pay off in the long run.  Meijer stores are really stocking up on the organic stuff and it’s time to start buying them.  I’m also going to have a “garden” this summer.  My front 2 flower beds didn’t really come back this year so I’ve decided to move what did live and then turn those areas into a garden.  I won’t be able to get much up there I’ll be able to get enough to enjoy.  There are many books out there about making gardens in small spaces and that is something else I’m going to do in 2 weeks when I’m bored at work.

I guess that’s all for my “going green” for now but I will surely keep you updated on how its going and look to you for pointers. 



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My Evenings As A “Single” Woman

I am so tired.  I just haven’t been able to sleep since Steve left and when I do sleep I have crazy dreams that aren’t restful at all.  I thought I was over my not sleeping because I slept fine the night before last, but not last night.  I was yawning while talking to Steve at 10:00 but as soon as I went to bed I was wide awake.  UGH!  So, I’m thinking I need to do something similar two what I did two nights ago as opposed to what I’ve done every other night.

Every other night I’ve gone home and done yard work.  I’ve been raking and burning leaves and branches every night (we have a burning ban on right now, don’t tell on me)  However, two nights ago I did a Pilates DVD.  Then I decided I wanted to start watching season 3 of Prison Break.  I only have that on my computer because I downloaded from some website.  So I positioned my recumbent bike to where I could see the monitor and pedaled the bike the entire time I watched.  I would very the resistance between easy and a easier but I did it for 45 minutes.  My legs were numb when I went downstairs.  Then I turned the Sirius on classical music and I sat there and read for 1 1/2 hours then went to bed.  Tonight I think I’m going to do something similar only it will involve me listening to the Redwings game while pedaling the bike and then knitting instead of reading.

I used to do Pilates 2 -3 times a week and I didn’t think it was giving me a workout so I quit.  No, it was giving me a workout, I was just in good enough shape that I didn’t know it.  Well, now I know it 😆  My abs are still killing me.  Oh, I’m thinking that while I ride the bike I can also get my dumbbells out and work on my arms while pedaling. Am I crazy?

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Two weeks ago they performed the musical The Full Monty here at FSU.  It was FANTASTIC.  After the show the cast comes out and the audience is welcome to talk to everyone if they want.  I know many of the theatre kids so I always am there longer than most people.  However, I do not know this guy.  My friend Liz and I were telling everyone what a great job they did and this guy was standing right there.  Liz says “let’s see if he’ll let us get our picture taken with him.”  Of course he said yes so we posed with him (you should have seen his butt!)  The weird thing is, when I put my arm around him I was touching skin and that was bizarre to me.  I quickly removed my hand and put it on Liz, she had clothes on.  Liz and I had a blast at the show, how could we not!

That’s the story.

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Save a horse, ride a cowboy

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A Simple Thank You

Just now a student walked into my office.  This is a student I have seen every semester for several years.  He’s a non-traditional student that had transferred in many credits and transfer credits always give me “issues”.  Sometimes rules have to be bent to make classes happen and that’s what I do, I make those decisions and try to do what’s best for the students.  Well, this guy came in and said “Thank you for what you do.  I’m finally graduating this year and thank you for all the help you have given me over the years.  Thank you for being you.”  Wow, that made my semester.

It’s students like him that make me love my job.  It’s knowing that I made a difference in one person’s life by listening to them and doing everything in my power to enable them to move on in their life.  I might be “just the secretary” but I do make a huge impact on these students’ lives.  It’s nice to know that it’s not unnoticed.

Make sure you say your “thank yous” because it really does feel good to hear.

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Yard Work

I worked outside until I hurt yesterday.  I was raking the yard and realized that the whole perimeter of my yard/woods was filled with branches that have fallen over the years.  That’s how they’ve been taken care of, throw them in the woods.  Well, the don’t exactly rot overnight and it was really starting to look bad.  I spent over 3 hours pulling out branches to the fire I had going and I still didn’t get them all.  It looks a million times better but I could probably have gone for at least anther hour.  I was exhausted.  I started raking again but I literally felt like I was going to fall over and quit.  After that I just sat in a lawn chair and listened to the Redwings game with a big glass of ice water.  Then I went inside, fixed myself so dinner and called it a day. I was too tired to knit, now that is tired.

Sometimes I wish I could just hire someone to do this stuff for me but I really do get a satisfaction from doing these things.  It feels good to accomplish such a huge project.  The project isn’t even close to done but in a few weeks I should be able to have it all done, just in time to start planting flowers.

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Happy Birthday, Braxton!

Today is Braxton’s 4th birthday!  He had his big party on Saturday and he kept telling everyone “It’s my birthday party”.  It was gorgeous outside so we had the party outside so the kids could play and the adults could visit.  It was a real nice time and Braxton had a blast, most importantly.

He really is a sweet little guy and I enjoy my time with him.  He cracked me up when I went to leave and he told me “give me a kiss!” and puckered up.  What a cutie.

I did have my camera on Saturday but I forgot it at home today.   So, here he is, last fall.

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