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Buffalo Wild Wings

BWWs passed the taste-test!


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You Say Tomato . . .

I put these tomatoes in my window to try and ripen them since it wasn’t happening outside.  My garden didn’t do quite as well as planned this year, must find a plan B.  Anyway, we might have to find a higher window sill to put them in as they were discovered last night.

Whats This?

What's This?



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It’s Confirmed, He Is A Peanut

Yesterday was Zach’s 9 month check up (he’ll be 9 months next week).  I was very curious how much he weighs and how big he is because everywhere I go everyone tells me how little he is.  I guess they were right.

He has grown 1 inch and 2 pounds since I got him in June.

28 inches = 55% for his age group

19.1 pounds = 30% for his age group

That explains why he’s still in his 6 – 9 month clothes.  The nurse did say that she expects that a growth spurt is bound to happen at any minute.  That’s good because all of his winter clothes are size 12 months and we’re starting to need some warmer things!  Developmentally he’s perfect.  Well, the size isn’t anything alarming either, he’s just perfect all around.  Maybe all my wishes to keep him little are coming true.

Today he woke up with a slight fever but I still took him to daycare.  I think he’ll pretty much sleep all day because he was snoring in the car seat when I got there to drop him off.  Poor little guy.  Those darn shots!

On another/similar note:  the adoption is one step closer!  The paperwork is started, it’s still going to be months but the paperwork is started!

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Well, he won’t let me get a picture of it but we officially have a tooth!  It actually came in last week on Thursday? but I thought we might have another one pop by today and I could have titled this “Two Tooth Tuesday” but we only have one (that I can tell).  He actually didn’t do bad at all cutting them.  We’ve had the drool since I got him, the chewing, a couple of diaper rashes but when the tooth actually popped we didn’t have anything except one night where he had me up for 1.5 hours.  That’s not bad!  Now we have teething tablets and hope that is the miracle cure I hear they are.

Steve is home all week!  I actually had to pick him up in a town called Masury, OH.  They didn’t have anything coming to Michigan so they said he could leave his truck at their yard there and I could go get him.  Well, first they were going to send him to Oklahoma and I about had a stoke.  He’s been gone for a month and I needed him to come home, for moral support if nothing else.  I was getting pretty stressed out with the light not working in the bathroom, my lawn hadn’t been mowed in two months and the cats thinking the house is their litter pan . . . back up was needed.  The light is now fixed, the lawn is mowed, the heat is turned on and we are still working on the cats (someone is going to die, that’s what is going to happen!!!!)  Anyway, since they said I could go get him I did.  I dropped Zach off at my in-laws and he got to stay the night with them and was well-deservingly spoiled.  I left their place around 4:30 p.m. and we didn’t get back there until about 2:30 a.m.  The fun thing is, we get to do this again this weekend, woo-hoo.  No, it’s worth it, I needed him home.

This afternoon Zach has a doctor’s appointment 😦  He was behind on his shots when I got him so today he has to get his 6 month shots but he should be caught up after today because they don’t normally get shots at 9 months.  I’m not looking forward to the appointment, shots are horrible and last time he got so sick from them.  He was sick for several days.  I’m just hoping that since he is 3 months older than he normally would be that they will be easier on him.  I am curious to find out how much he weighs and how tall he is.  It seems like he’s huge but he’s still wearing 6 – 9 month clothes.  He’s just solid.

I’ll update you tomorrow with his stats, in the meantime, here’s a picture to tie you over

both the frog and the prince

both the frog and the prince

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BSM ~ Mmmmm Corn

How do you hold your ear of corn?

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Song For Our Troops

My father-in-law, Dan Taylor, wrote this song and just uploaded the video to youtube.  I know everyone has a different opinion on the war but, no matter what, you have to support the troops, they are doing their job.  I hope you enjoy his song.


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Who would have guessed he wasn’t tired yet, he was snoring 30 seconds earlier when I laid him down

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