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The Newest Member of My Family

The Easter Bunny brought more than baskets and eggs this year, he also brought us a new dog, Yukon.

I’ve been waiting to mention him until I had a picture and this is about as good as I could get.  This 8 month old, Alaskan Malamute is harder to get a shot of than trying to get a good picture of both the kids together!

So far I am very happy with this dog, he’s a little hyper but he’s still a puppy.  He is great with the kids and that was my #1 priority.  He doesn’t even offer to get grouchy with them and trust me, they torment this poor dog.  We’re still working on potty training him and I just thank God that we have all hard wood floors in my house.  He is getting better and is pretty much making it all night now.  I love the fact that he’s kennel trained so if we go away for the night he can go in the kennel and we don’t have to take him every where.  He is such a lover and will smother you in kisses.  He hates to be scolded and wants to do nothing but please you.   So far, I would totally recommend an Alaskan Malamute as a family pet.


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