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The Newest Member of My Family

The Easter Bunny brought more than baskets and eggs this year, he also brought us a new dog, Yukon.

I’ve been waiting to mention him until I had a picture and this is about as good as I could get.  This 8 month old, Alaskan Malamute is harder to get a shot of than trying to get a good picture of both the kids together!

So far I am very happy with this dog, he’s a little hyper but he’s still a puppy.  He is great with the kids and that was my #1 priority.  He doesn’t even offer to get grouchy with them and trust me, they torment this poor dog.  We’re still working on potty training him and I just thank God that we have all hard wood floors in my house.  He is getting better and is pretty much making it all night now.  I love the fact that he’s kennel trained so if we go away for the night he can go in the kennel and we don’t have to take him every where.  He is such a lover and will smother you in kisses.  He hates to be scolded and wants to do nothing but please you.   So far, I would totally recommend an Alaskan Malamute as a family pet.


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Zach and I are both battling colds that just seem to linger.  At least Zach mainly has a snotty nose and hasn’t gotten the cough that I have.  He has been extremely cuddly, which I love, but it tells me he’s not feeling great either.

Yesterday neither of us wanted to get up so I let him sleep until about 10 minutes before we had to leave.  I had decided I would just take him to daycare in his pj’s and take clothes for her to change him into.  Not a big deal.  So as we were getting ready to leave I couldn’t find a jacket to put on him.  Ok, I could find one, I just couldn’t find the one I wanted.  I went into the backroom to look for it and caught our cat, Clifford, trying to bury a puddle in the rug.  It’s a runner, we don’t have any carpet in our house.  A couple of weeks ago one of my cats had peed in the same spot but I didn’t catch them so I couldn’t punish.  Yesterday, Cliff was busted and he got his butt thrown outside for the day.  So, as I was trying to leave I had to clean up a puddle because you can only imgine what that would have smelled like it I had let it sit all day.  Somehow I managed to get it all cleaned up and out the door on time but I forget to put Zach in a jacket.  Bad mommy!

As I was driving in a belt started squalling on my car and the battery light came on.  I remembered that it did this right after we fixed the car this spring so I didn’t completely freaking, only partially, but kept on driving.  It was very wet out and I think that’s why the belt slipped but I need to have Steve tighten her up when he gets home.  Anyway, I got Zach to daycare and when I started to car to leave the light went out and I got into work and home with no problems (it did the same thing today).

At work I had a major project to work on that kept me really busy but nothing “bad” happened.  I did talk to our animal behaviour biologist and asked him what to do about Cliff and him peeing on that rug and he said to throw out the rug.  For some reason the cat thinks that rug is an extension to the litter box (it’s right next to it) and get rid of the rug and he’ll quit.  Ok, I can do that.

I picked up Zach from daycare with the plan of going to the store to buy all new litter and start from scratch in the boxes (no pun intended).  Well, just as I was picking him up he peed and missed his diaper so his pants were wet and I didn’t have another pair to put him in.  With it only be 50something degrees out it really didn’t seem like a good idea to haul him into the store with no pants.

I got home and Cliff was ready to come in but first Rusty treed him.  Not bad, he got down and eventually came in the house.  I threw out the rug and ran a load of laundry to wash the towel I used to mop up the floor.  The cats are fighting like crazy, not sure what brought that on or what to do about it but we’ll just hope they stop.  We had a typical evening: fed Zach, got him in his pj’s, played and I finally got him down at 8:15.  At that time I took my shower and at 8:30 I was ready to pop in a DVD and unwind for an hour before going to bed.  Well, my TV won’t turn on.   The DVD player comes on and the stereo which are plugged into the same outlet the but TV won’t turn on.  I got the flashlight out but it doens’t look like anything is unplugged so I don’t know what the deal it.  Our TV/Entertainment center weigh at least 500 pounds so I guess I’m not going to move it was from the wall to investigate and I’ll not have TV until Steve gets home to help me there.  I guess if I really want to watch a DVD I can pop it in the laptop or the desktop in the meantime.

This morning was pretty uneventful except for Zach wanted held all morning and cried when I put him down to try and get myself ready.  Somehow I did manage to get dressed and put make up on.  I even think I match, I went with all black because you can’t screw that up.  However, I went to put on my shoes which required black socks and I don’t have any black socks.  How can I NOT have black socks???  So I went with a pair of open-toed black shoes that doen’t require socks but really don’t match this outfit.  Oh well, I’m here and I don’t think I have snot on me or anything.  It’s going to be a better day.

Steve will hopefully be home by the end of the week and I can honestly say this has been my longest month without him.  It feels like it has lasted 18 years!

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BSM ~ The Rough Life

Just a few minutes ago I was dusting, turned around and saw this (sorry, I was afraid to adjust the blind and scare one away)  Yes, all of my critters have it rough around here.  It also tells me that the two cats are going to do just fine living in the same house.  Oh!  Butterball is on top, Clifford on the bottom.

I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day (and not doing housework like I am)

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Saturday’s  Thought:  Those Showers You Earn

The showers you earn are the best.  You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones where you can feel the gross running off you.   Saturday’s shower was one of those for me because I was completely disgusting by the end of the day.   My day started with me making a pasta salad to take to mom’s for mother’s day.  Then I threw a load of laundry in to wash while I ran into town to take care of some errands.  I got back, threw the laundry on the line to dry and then washed my windows, inside and outside.  We don’t have a lot of windows so it really doesn’t take that long to do.  I also had to put the screens back in because I take them out every winter, I don’t know why, I just do.  Then I started the gross part of my day, cleaning out the gutters.  NASTY!  Actually, Steve’s ears should have been burning the whole time I was on the ladder because I was cussing him up one side and down the other.  Three years ago I cleaned the gutters and put gutter guards on so I wouldn’t have to deal with this again.  Since then Steve removed them on 1/2 the house saying that they didn’t work.  What had happened was the leaves were ON the guards and you need to get up there and brush them off (I know this because that’s what the 1/2 of the house with gutter guards was like).  No biggie, much better than what I cleaned.  Without getting detail I’ll just say that there was standing water, a layer of about an inch of leaves and a smell that ranked right up there with some of the worst smells ever.  I don’t think the shirt I was wearing will ever come clean and the gloves I wore will be burned.   After that I raked up even more leaves and burned them.  Yes, my shower Saturday was EARNED.

Sunday’s Thought:  Happy Mother’s Day

I am surrounded by some exceptional mothers and every day I wonder how they do it.  Of course my mom is top-notch and probably my best friend.  My sisters are great and earn my respect every day.  All my friends have kids and every time I’m awake for a few hours during the night I wonder how they do it for months at end.  It would not be a pretty scene for me, I love my sleep.  So, to all the wonderful moms in my life, God Bless You!

*an added note.  This was my first Mother’s Day in years that I wasn’t sad and had to put on some fake face for everyone to see.  I’ve accepted the fact that I am just a fantastic Godmother and I get all the good stuff and none of the bad.

Sunday/Monday Thought:  We Have Twins!

**A little background here.  Eight years ago, my cat, Gizmo, gave birth to 5 kittens.  I ended up keep two of them, Butterball and Marty, my parents took one home, Clifford, granny took one, Thomas and one ended up with a student.  Marty passed away a year ago at Christmas and Gizmo came up missing last fall so we were down to one cat, Butterball and our dog, Rusty.**  Mom thinks she’s allergic to Clifford and needed to find a new home for him so Steve and I decided to bring him home.  Well, he gave the “we have to try!” but that’s easy for him to say because he’s not home!  Anyway, I brought Clifford home with me on Sunday and was quite nervous how he would fit in with my other 2 boys.  Rusty couldn’t care less but Butterball is having to adjust.  I don’t think either of them slept Sunday night because they were stalking each other all night long.  I stayed home yesterday just to make sure there was no blood-shed and by last night everyone started getting along.  There never really was any fighting but now they can walk by each other without hissing so it’s progress.  The two cats really do look alot alike so that’s why I now have twins.

Monday Morning’s Thought:  My Parent’s Are In Way Better Shape Than Me

My parents have been spinning and riding bike for a couple of years now.  I walk and I can walk from here to the moon.  My dad has been training to ride the Dalmac this Fall so that means they have been doing some insane bike riding lately.  Saturday my dad rode his bike 75 miles and mom rode her’s 25.  I brought their “old” bike home with me on Sunday and yesterday I rode 5.5 miles.  Yeah, I have some work to do.

Monday Afternoon’s Thought:  1/2 Way There

It looks like in 2 – 3 weeks Steve is going to get to come home for a few days!  He’s been gone 3 weeks now so I am 1/2 way there, I’m going to make it!!!  Currently he is driving from Oregon to Massachusetts then hopefully he’ll go to Oklahoma to get his own truck to come to Michigan in !!!!

I guess that’s all my thoughts for now.

Wait!  One more . . . Go Wings!!!!

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Pets Have Routines Also

Since my life has been so boring lately I thought I would write about my morning routine.

The alarm goes off at 6:00 but I don’t get up until around 6:15.  Once my feet hit the ground I don’t stop until it’s time to go to bed so I allow myself that 15 minutes to wake up.  As soon as my alarm goes off Butterball knows that is his cue to cuddle with me.  This is his choice, not mine.  He requires cuddle time every morning since he is now the only cat in the house.  After 10 minutes or so he is done and then it’s time for me to get up.  Once I get up Rusty has to go outside.  He doesn’t go to the bathroom, he just lies on the porch and makes sure nothing has changed in his yard over the night.  While he is outside I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.  Once I come out of the bathroom Butterball thinks he has to go into the basement, not quite sure why, but he does.  I let him downstairs, make Rusty come in and then I get in the shower.  As soon as I’m done in the shower Butterball is crying to come back upstairs so I have to let him up.  In the summer I just leave the door cracked but in the winter too much cold air comes rushing in with the door open.  For some reason, as soon as I start getting dressed then Rusty thinks that is his cue to go back outside, so outside he goes.  Once I’m finished getting dressed and throwing on some  make-up I run outside to start the van/car to get it warming up while I eat my toast.  Rusty always comes back in with me at this time.  I put the put the bread in the toaster and while it’s toasting I pack my lunch.  Then, when I sit down to eat the toast Rusty and sometime Butterball, surround me so they can share.  They always get the crust and I get the nice buttery bread.

Once I get home in the evening Rusty has to cuddle with me and won’t let me do anything else until he has had enough petting and loving to make him happy.  This is always his choice because if I try to quit too soon he cries.  Once he’s done I’m able to change my clothes but normally Butterball starts crying for his cuddle time before I’m done and can sit back down.  Thank God he is easily distracted and will sometimes let Steve love on him instead OR Steve breaks out the laser pointer and Butterball is entertained.

That is my lovely routine with my “children”.  For these reasons I’m very thankful to have a small house and all the doors are close together or I’d have to get up 1/2 an hour earlier just to pacify my pets.

Have a nice weekend!

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Catching Up

So, I promised a long post yesterday . . . I think I can finally do it today.

Catching up, that has been my year so far but I’ll go back a couple of weeks and see if I can get you “caught up” with what’s going on.

New Year’s Goal

I have the same goal as everyone else in the world, I want to lose weight, get more exercise and eat better.  Ok, I’d like to just be a skinny chick and not have to do any of the work but that doesn’t seem to be in my genes so I need to add the eat right and exercise part.  Every year I say I’m going to do it but this year I have a goal and a reason.  #1 reason is that diabetes and heart disease run in my family and I’m getting to the age where I have to start thinking about that stuff.  #2 reason is that, since I have given up on getting pregnant, there is a surgery I’d like to have done.  I would like to have breast reduction surgery done but I feel like I should enter that surgery being more healthy than I am right now.  The surgery isn’t something I’ve completely researched yet because I don’t have the money to do it right now, but once we get back on our feet it’s something I’d like to save up for.  I know I have plenty of time to drop 30 pounds, at a healthy rate, before it happens so I could make it a year-long goal for me.

The House Is Almost Clean

That’s what I do over my “break”, I clean my house.  I clean the stuff that you don’t clean every week, like, I wash all the wood (cabinets, trim, floors).  The big job I didn’t get done that is still killing me because it’s not done is the loft.  The loft is the coolest room in our house and we never use it so it’s become the catch-all room.  Right now there are piles all over the place and it’s really starting to drive me insane.  I know that I could spend 2 hours on that room and it would be very tolerable and you would think that I would have found 2 hours in the 2 weeks but I didn’t.  I guess the reason I didn’t is in my next subject.

Steve Speed vs. Vicky Speed

I am constantly wondering what he does all day that he gets nothing done.  Ever!  I can get more done in 30 minutes after I get home from work than he will accomplish all day long.  Well, the speed at which function is drastically different than his.  I get out of bed and I’m going.  I can have the bathroom cleaned before I even come out of it first thing in the morning.  Why sit there and just drink a cup of coffee when the washer can be running while you do it?  I try to cram everything I can into every moment.  Now, once I’ve gotten a few things done I can sit and relax, but I can’t relax until I know that stuff is done, does that make sense.  However, if I choose to be lazy in the morning I will be lazy all day and nothing will get done.

Steve works completely different.  He gets up and has to drink two cups of coffee before he will even consider what he’s going to do for the day.  He doesn’t want to be disrupted while he’s waking up and that drives me insane.  For two weeks I had to wait for him to wake up before I could move which completely was a waste of my time.  So, he’d finally get moving around 10:00 or so and then I could tear apart anything I wanted.  By this time I was getting lazy and couldn’t get motivated.  That doesn’t really matter because Steve is normally done working on whatever is project is by 1:00 and it’s time to relax again.  I have no idea how we are going to survive being retired and trying to live together with our totally different routines.

Zach is home

My 5th nephew was born on December 30 but didn’t get to come home from the hospital until Sunday, January 6th.  He had some infection and they had to give him tons of antibiotics to kill it before he could home but he’s home now and I’m hoping to get to meet him in the very near future.

I’m Ready To Kill My Dog

Rusty got very used to me being home with him for 2 weeks and liked it.  On my last day off Steve and I went to Grand Rapids and messed around for a few hours.  When we got home I discovered that Rusty has peed on my bed!  He has done this twice now and I can’t have that.  So, now when I leave the house I have to close the bedroom door but I’m afraid he’s just going to crawl up into my chair and do it or something.  All I know is that he better stop this or he’s going to be homeless, just like he was when we found him.

January Thaw

We have been in quite the January Thaw for the past few days and I am not complaining.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow and would much rather look at that than all the brown, dead stuff but it was nice to reach the 50’s and see the sun shine.  It was also nice to see the banks of snow melt because they were getting really high for me to reach with shovel.  Since our snow blower is broken and Steve doesn’t have a job so we can’t replace it, all the snow removal has been done by hand this year.  It’s back-breaking work but it has to be done and it’s great exercise.  However, I’m glad to see those piles get small so our next blast of snow I can start from the ground again.

Wrap Up

It seems like I’m forgetting a million things. . . but, I’m back to work and trying to get caught up here and with all my internet stuff.  At home I have a 24K dial-up connection and that simply doesn’t cut it for about anything you want to do online.  I don’t have the patience for it and, plus, have the websites don’t even open at that speed.  I don’t even bother

Oops, I knew I forgot something, Steve’s Ear!

Steve got an infection in his ear, not the inner ear, the outer ear.  He looked like he had a cauliflower growing out the side of his head.  January 1st, after the game, we were in the ER for them to look at it because I was afraid his ear canal would close off from the swelling.  They tried to drain it but they didn’t have much success and told him to follow up with our regular doctor.  He went to them on Friday and they were clueless.  They did give him a shot of a steroid, some antibiotics and pain killers and told him to come back on Tuesday (yesterday).  Yesterday he went back and they sent him to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.  They knew what to do and I guess this is an infection that’s “common” in athletes like wrestlers or people that wear helmets.  She was able to drain off 7cc of stuff.  I won’t get into details but he has a bandage sewn to his ear and will have it removed on Tuesday.


Wow, that was a nice note to sign off on.  However, I really do have to get back to work, my list grew while I was typing this so now I have to go play catch-up (and eat).  If you read all of this, I’m very impressed.

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BSM ~ Take That, Max

Mr. Butterball is getting braver. He even took out Max in the process

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