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Easter 2010

We had a very nice Easter this year that even included some very nice weather, which is rare here in Michigan.   We ended up spending Wednesday thru Sunday at my parent’s house because I had to be at the cancer center on Thursday so it just made sense for us to stay.  We kept going back and forth on if we were going to stay or come home and just spend Easter at our house but it just didn’t seem right to me not to spend Easter with the family.  So, we stayed but I didn’t have any of the kids’ cute clothes with me – oh well.  I hadn’t bought any Easter stuff yet because I didn’t trust Steve and I not to eat it if it was bought in advance.  So, I bought everything at mom’s and we had a great time.

They found the plastic eggs the day before and had a great time playing with them.

Then Zach colored the eggs.  Sarah wasn’t at all interest but he was all into it!

I only had a dozen eggs for him but he didn’t care and would move the eggs around from container to container . . . with his hands!

Somehow or other they really didn’t turn out too bad.  A few cracks from literally being dropped in the color, but besides that they turned out alright.

and it’s impossible to get a good picture of both of them together, but here they are playing with a new toy Easter morning.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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